Which browser is best for you?

A debate that has raged for some time: which is the best internet browser? However, this isn’t the question we should be asking. Instead, we should be assessing which browser is best for our own individual needs – here’s a rundown of which browsers are worth your time:

Google Chrome

Probably the most recognisable browser available; Google Chrome is the flagship application of the Google corporation and has been developed with all of Google’s accumulated knowledge. Initially a fairly basic browser, Google Chrome fast became one of the most advanced as one of the first browsers to offer an extensive range of add-ons.

While the extensions are numerous, customising the browser itself is actually rather difficult without attempting to alter the programming of the software itself. Chrome is great for those who simply wish to browse the internet or cast content from their computers but not so good for the experienced user who wishes to customise their system.


The choice of the experienced PC user; FireFox is one of the best browsers on the market for extensions, customisation and compatibility thanks to its simple design but complex programming.

Mozilla FireFox is also available for download with many extensions preloaded, including the useful Web of Trust which will save you time during installation and offer greater protection than other browsers from the word go.

Microsoft Edge

Formerly known as Internet Explorer, Windows inbuilt browser isn’t up to much by comparison to Chrome and Mozilla. Edge remains very inflexible and is designed purely for flicking through websites rather than more practical applications.

The number of extensions is very limited and the usability is poor overall.

Less Common Browsers

As software and plug-ins regularly update and render previous versions obsolete; modern browsers can leave a user without access to some of their favourite, older websites due to plugin issues. Independently designed browsers, such as Pale Moon, do offer access to older versions of plugins etc but lack the modern convenience of extensions and add-ons.

Great for retro desktop gaming but otherwise, flawed.

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