Celebrating The Intelligence of Millennial Girls With Smore’s Kickstarter Campaign

smore review

A Kickstarter Campaign for an unconventional science magazine has been launched by Sarita Menon called Smore. The hope is that this magazine will encourage tween girls to unapologetically embrace their intelligence and Smore will be publishing articles that give them something more thought-provoking than celebrity gossip and hair styles to read about. There are too … Read more

Creating An Intelligent Nursery With Motorola Smart Nursery Range

We all know there is no manual for raising a child, although it would be enormously handy if there was. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being a helicopter parent, checking on your child every five minutes. However, in 2017 you don’t have to rely on your instincts as much as you would … Read more

Twitter-killer Mastodon.Social is Here to Stay

Twitter has been under fire lately for a number of reasons, including unchecked instances of trolling, constant spam abuse in the direct messages and feeds full of fake news in the form of tweets. A new-kid-on-the-block, bridge tool for finding friends and followers, is a microblogging service that aims to rid the world of all … Read more

Achieve High-Quality Sound With New Action Mic For GoPro From Sennheiser

If you’re a thrill-seeker with a sense of adventure it’s likely that you will already own a high-quality camera to preserve your memories and show them off to all your friends. Thanks to audio specialist Sennheiser you can now add another dimension to that record with their new GoPro-verified microphone for HERO4 Black and Silver … Read more

Get your kids into coding through gaming!

Putting the age wars aside, it is only true that times are changing. While the older generations had to know how to deal with cheque books and hammers, our generation has been working on computers, has put words like MS Office in their CVs, and generally carry computers in our pockets. Of course, things aren’t … Read more

Bet365 online betting app review

The online betting site bet365 launched its new mobile app, giving away a £ 200 entry bonus for anyone registering an account these days. You can download the bet365 mobile app, and receive the bonus by just creating an account on their main website. This was tested by experts and its one of the best-designed … Read more

Review: Mio MiVue Drive 55LM – A combined Sat Nav/Dash Cam that promises a lot

Sat Navs are fast becoming one of those extinct species. While their features being replaced by apps such as Waze and TomTom Go, they are looking to improvise and innovate. We looked at Garmin DriveAssist which looks at packing a dash cam and many clever features into their Sat Nav. Mio, the European manufacturer of … Read more