Review: Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Laptops are everywhere, and quite frankly taken over how we work. In fact, I am writing this very review on a laptop, in a bus, travelling between London and Oxford. It is raining outside, but I am happily typing away. But what if you wanted a laptop or a tablet that would do in the … Read more

LabStyle launches Dario to turn your smartphone into your diabetes monitor

November 2015 is World Diabetes Month and, according to the NHS, one in 16 people living in the UK has diabetes – either Type 1 or Type 2. Living with diabetes can be challenging, but there are devices to help monitor and manage the situation, such as the Dario, launched by LabStyle. The Dario allows … Read more

Review: Madison Stellar Men’s Waterproof Cycling Jacket

While I have always worn a waterproof jacket while cycling, a normal waterproof jacket just doesn’t cut it when you want to cycle properly. They are long, a bit loose, and frankly, not very visible or practical for cycling. A good cycling jacket will answer many of these issues, but they are not often waterproof. … Read more

Review: Lazer Street Deluxe Helmet

Every cyclist needs a helmet, and to be honest, everybody needs to do a bit of cycling. Whether it be for commuting, or just a bit of health ride. Cycling provides an easy and effortless (normally) way to enjoy the good old outdoors, with little costs involved. Of course, for me, and many other people … Read more


There’s no escaping the cold Winter weather beginning to bite, (both our toes and our pockets), as November hits our calendars and the festive planning kicks in. Keeping warm along with the additional festive decorations can have a major impact on your electricity bills – but, fortunately, there are lots of little tricks you can … Read more

Why is your phone like buttered toast? Motorola finds out the science!

We’ve all been there. A casual walk, or even sitting or in bed. Just checking what that notification is, or trying to answer that text or email. And then it happens. Your phone slips out of your hand. Everything slows down. You hear a scream in the distance. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But it’s too late. You can … Read more

Review: Huawei G8 – the mid-range phone to beat them all

With the release of the Huawei Mate S, the company introduced their new flagship. Hidden within the announcement was the relatively less exciting news from them that they had a more affordable version in the form of the Huawei G8, also known as the Huawei RIO. At extremely decent specs, and about 2/3rd the price, … Read more