LabStyle launches Dario to turn your smartphone into your diabetes monitor

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November 2015 is World Diabetes Month and, according to the NHS, one in 16 people living in the UK has diabetes – either Type 1 or Type 2.

Living with diabetes can be challenging, but there are devices to help monitor and manage the situation, such as the Dario, launched by LabStyle.

The Dario allows Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to test their blood sugar via their mobile device. The easy-to-use monitor connects to the smartphone, automatically logging blood sugar levels on the Dario app, keeping the user informed and their loved ones reassured.

The pocket-sized solution, compatible with iOS and Android, records the user’s entire diabetes history to indicate how the sugars change, counting carbs, logging meals and keeping a food database. It gives actionable insights, calculates AIC levels, and enables information sharing to keep caregivers in the loop, alerting them of any potentially life-threatening changes.

The state-of-the-art, simple diabetes management platform connects user, caregiver and healthcare professional anywhere in the world, with Dario‘s cloud-based software providing a seamless way to record, save, track, analyze, manage & share all of the diabetes-related information in one place.

The great thing about the Dario is that the user’s data is always in sync and always accessible online, allowing profile sharing with family members using the Dario Web Portal, reassuring everybody concerned, whilst the user can retain their independence.  This is very important for giving diabetics peace of mind in their day-to-day life.


The Dario Meter plugs into mobile devices without the need for additional cords or cables, and the glucose meter easily plugs into the phone’s headphone socket. It is extremely fast, with the entire blood glucose metering process taking only six seconds. It is also accurate, providing highly precise results from a tiny blood sample.

LabStyle is changing the way people manage their chronic diseases. The company develops and commercialises patent-pending technologies that provide consumers with laboratory-testing capabilities using smart mobile devices.

The practicality, functionality and quality of this device make it an indispensible piece of technology for people with diabetes.

The device is available in two forms, either as a pocket-sized Dario All in One (£24.99) package – this includes blood glucose meter, lancing device and storage for test strips (available through the NHS). Alternatively there is the Compact Dario Lite (£14.95) which includes the blood glucose meter.

For more information and to buy at a special 60% off discount price for World Diabetes Month, please visit

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