Mobile All the Way: Use Your Smartphone to Score Great Deals


Need help organizing your gift list, planning your gift budget or finding the best deals? Look no further than your app store. Mobile shopping has reached maturity, with Pew Research showing that as of this July, 68 percent of American adults now own a smartphone, up from 45 percent in December 2012. Between smartphones, tablets, mobile payments and social media, the mobile revolution is transforming the way consumers do their holiday shopping.

According to the infographic below, 80 percent of gift-buyers start their holiday shopping by doing some research online. The average shopper will visit four sites before buying, and 49 percent will use a mobile device for research. Consumers can sign up for SMS alerts and daily deals on sites such as Cabela’s to get advance notice of the best bargains. Save yourself a trip to the store by verifying prices online before braving the Black Friday crowds.

Social media sharing plays a big role in the mobile shopping experience. Eight-four percent of consumers say they trust product recommendations from family and friends, and 58 percent actively share their positive brand experiences and ask family and friends for their opinions. Ask your social media friends for shopping suggestions, and check out brand social media pages to see what’s trending. Follow brands on social media and search on hashtags such as #BOGO to find out about deals and promotions.

Mobile devices are also transforming in-store shopping. Forty-two percent of consumers now search for information online while in the store. Use real-time crowd apps such as Visor to avoid busy lines. Pick out the perfect gift with online research to avoid having to return items.

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