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There’s no escaping the cold Winter weather beginning to bite, (both our toes and our pockets), as November hits our calendars and the festive planning kicks in.

Keeping warm along with the additional festive decorations can have a major impact on your electricity bills – but, fortunately, there are lots of little tricks you can use to ensure that your family stays warm and cosy for less.

As we gear up for the festive season, specialist innovative energy company, Momit who design dynamic energy technology such as the ‘Home Thermostat’ for homes, are on-hand to share the secrets that can save you money.

Switch to Smart Energy solutions

Technology in the energy sector is moving so fast that there are lots of products on the market nowadays that can offer a smart solution can help improve energy access and reduce your energy bills – from tech like our smart thermostats to smart metres there will be something that fits your lifestyle (and budget)!

Lower your thermostat

Lowering your temperature by just a few degrees can save £££ off your bills.

You definitely can lower the temperature if you’re throwing a party — the additional people in your house creating extra body heat will more than make up for it!

Mind the Gaps

Everything from fixing a dripping tap to filling up your washing machine/ dishwasher will help you to fill your energy gaps – as well as changing to lower cost lightbulbs.

Keep on top of your spending

Take our ‘My Budget’ app, which works in conjunction with the Home Thermostat; and allows you to control the room temperature from your mobile phone – as well as works with you to set a monthly energy budget in order to achieve savings of up to 30% on your energy bills alone!

Forecast the weather – and your needs!

It may sound silly, but looking at the weather forecast of up to 7 days and planning your heating around that can work wonders in saving you energy! (Tip, our My Budget app also does this through our momit app).

Managing your home energy usage shouldn’t be a chore – being energy efficient and choosing the right products that fit within the changing needs of your lifestyle, mean that you don’t even have to be at home to control your energy costs!

To hear how Momit innovative energy solutions can work for you, visit their website www.momit.com

Product Overviews

Home Thermostat

Home thermostat

Wireless and fully mobile energy solution which works with your lifestyle and home to manage your temperature and humidity in a clever way, while also having the ability to work with you to create energy savings through heat control, weather forecasting and intelligent learning.

Plus it also looks great, so fits within your aesthetics and look of your home (5 colours available)!

(Works with My Budget app too!)


Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat

The SMART Thermostat takes energy management to the next level, perfect for tech lovers!

A great device which recognises when you are at home or away and cleverly plans your energy management to reach savings above 30% on your energy costs!

You can access your thermostat via remote locations, its interactive and intelligent technology means that it will learn from your habits and uses ambient temperature to changes in light intensity (for example, night

periods) is regulated.

As always, the SMART thermostat looks great in any home, is touchscreen with a coll LCD screen and different designs available.


Extension Kit

Works with the thermostat products to support a completely wireless solution: put it where you want! The stand and all necessary accessories are all included in order to make life easier.

It equally allows you to extend compatibility with electric systems thanks to its 12A relay: we thus work in line with our desire to make smart technology accessible to more and more homes!


My BUDGET app (works with the above)

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Forget surprises in your energy bill! Thanks to this advanced feature of momit App you can set your own budget and limits, saving money on your energy bill!

With My Budget you can:-

Set your monthly budget

Know your daily energy use

Learn which program fit your daily habits so you can save even more!

Momit is an innovative young and dynamic energy technology company, committed to developing intelligent products to enhance the lifestyle of the home-owner using smart-technology to make your home smarter, more energy efficient and fit within the changing needs of your lifestyle, even when you are away from home!

In October 2015, Momit launched products into the UK, having won a contract of supply with one of the country’s leading retailers. Read more about Momit’s superb products, or buy online at www.momit.com

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