Mondo – Beta Test the bank of the Future!



Does your bank ever frustrate you? Is the service adequate? Or is it plain annoying? Do you hate how they charge you an extra fee at every chance they get? Specially when you have just nipped to Europe on a quick business trip?

Mondo is a brand new challenger bank which is anti-fees, anti-tech clunkiness and anti-the legacy banks. It’s a bank as smart as your phone and it’s built for your phone. It’s being built right now, by a tech team who are ex-Hailo and founded GoCardless.

They’re currently just starting alpha-testing with iPhone-using, tech-smart people who want a new way to bank and to help to build the bank of the future (they’ll get there with an Android app next).

More information can be found in the following video:

So just head to to sign up yourself, and be among the first few to get a go at banking of the future! I have signed up, myself too!

While I like the app and spending analysis, probably the favourite part I am looking forward to is not having to pay extra fees just because I am in a different country!

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