Review: Madison Stellar Men’s Waterproof Cycling Jacket


While I have always worn a waterproof jacket while cycling, a normal waterproof jacket just doesn’t cut it when you want to cycle properly. They are long, a bit loose, and frankly, not very visible or practical for cycling. A good cycling jacket will answer many of these issues, but they are not often waterproof. A compromise is often needed with such items of clothing, but Madison’s  Stellar Waterproof Cycling Jacket seems to address all of these issues.


  • The 2.5 layer construction is fully taped and waterproof, windproof and highly breathable
  • The tailored cycle specific fit is both comfortable and functional
  • The Stellar features an extended drop tail to offer maximum coverage against dirt and spray, that tucks up and stays hidden with magnets when you are off the bike for a more casual look
  • The improved Stellar has no mesh lining making it lighter and less bulky when it is stowed
  • Reflective panels give excellent visibility at night
  • Large zipped pocket at the back, another zipped pocket at front
  • Strap at the back for LED light

The fit

I normally wear large, but I was recommended by the team sending this to me that I should try an XL instead. Out of the box, it seemed a bit too big, but when you put it on on top of a shirt or any internal layer, it works very well. It isn’t body hugging, but is just a tiny bit loose around your body. This means that it gives you room for movement. I would probably recommend everybody else going for one of these to at least try them in a shop, or order a size bigger than what you normally go for.

The protection

Overall, this is brilliant when worn, and specially things like the extra long sleeves and Velcro straps to tie around gloves mean that this works brilliantly well as a cycling jacket.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I managed to find myself in a cold rain shower when I was wearing this a few days ago. I can definitely confirm that  this is waterproof, and wind proof. However, it isn’t the warmest of jackets, and to be honest, it doesn’t claim to be  either.

What I did find was that because of the lack of pockets in the side, and one pocket at the back and one in front, I wasn’t able to store extra warm items in the jacket, such as a woolly hat and woolly gloves. This meant that I ended up feeling colder than I would have normally. Not the jacket’s fault, of course, but something to keep in mind if you are used to stuffing gloves and hats in your jacket pockets.


I went for Hi Viz Green, though other options are available. Visibility is definitely great with this, and the reflective pads compensate for anything or anyone who may not be able to spot you from a mile away. No complaints there at all.

The Sweaty

Okay, I did find something I didn’t appreciate in this jacket. The lack of internal lining is great for making it lighter, but that does mean that the front pocket gets really rather sweaty when you are cycling long distances. I normally carry my phone there, but for this jacket, I had to avoid that one after a single go!

More information

More information on the Stellar Men’s Waterproof Cycling Jacket can be found on the Madison website:

It retails around the £89 to £99 mark, and can be found on various online retailers, such as Amazon. An amazing deal means it is available at less than half price their, for only £42!


As far as cycling jackets go, this is definitely highly recommended. Good waterproof and wind proof abilities make it highly desirable. If I could change one thing, it would be giving myself some extra pocket space on the back, and making the front pocket water proof on the inside, but that is just me trying to fit this with my own personal life style!

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