Review: Spotify Premium from Vodafone Red

Spotify needs no introduction. It has become the main music streaming service out there, offering players for both mobile devices as well as computers. With many companies forming partnerships with them, there is no real stopping them. Yes, there has been some conflict of interest with some artists (such as Taylor Swift, recently) taking a … Read more

Review: Pure Evoke D4 Mio with Bluetooth

The Pure Evoke series have already established themselves as a great range of DAB radios. This hasn’t stopped Pure from constantly innovating, and their latest offering in the Evoke series is the Evoke D4 Mio with Bluetooth, featuring leather effect casing with interchangeable coloured trims. It also includes a remote control to select radio stations, … Read more

Review: Goodmans Go – Durable Bluetooth enabled DAB+ radio with phone charging

Goodmans have already made a great mark on the world of DAB radios since their introduction recently. This doesn’t mean that they’re stopping though. Recently they have introduced the Go, a durable, Bluetooth enabled DAB+ radio which comes with mobile phone charging capabilities, and features a splash proof design, meaning you can take it out … Read more

Review: kajsa Denim Collection iPhone 6 Review

  While denim as a statement comes and goes, you can’t deny that jeans and their denim look has never really gone out of fashion. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable, jeans have always been the go-to trousers to wear. Kajsa have taken a page from the stylist’s diary and applied that to their Denim Collection iPhone … Read more

Review: Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FLEXBALL technology

Gillette are known to bring out new innovative razors to the market before anybody else. While they seem to have perfected the number of blades, there was still something missing. Something to look at the various contours of the face. Gillette is back, and this time, they have Flexball technology, fresh out of Gillette’s Reading … Read more

Gillette R&D – A journey through innovation and implementation

About two years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to Braun’s R&D centre in Germany. The trip proved to be quite interesting, showing that the humble electric shaver has more technology in it than we give it credit for. Since then, I have been very interested in looking at all kinds of research … Read more

The benefits and limitations of smartwatches

One trend that has been highly noticeable amongst gadget-lovers is the way that our devices seem to be getting smaller and smaller. From the large desktop computers of yesteryear, we can now easily perform a variety of functions on the go with our mobile gadgets. And now the latest trend is for smartwatches that will … Read more

Tips & Tools to Protect Your Assets

Security is important, there‚Äôs no denying that. But these days it takes more than just locking your door and looking over your shoulder before you input your pin number. Securing yourself and your property requires comprehensive coverage and forward thinking in order to make sure you stay one step ahead of the thieves. Protect Yourself … Read more