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Review: Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FLEXBALL technology


Gillette are known to bring out new innovative razors to the market before anybody else. While they seem to have perfected the number of blades, there was still something missing. Something to look at the various contours of the face. Gillette is back, and this time, they have Flexball technology, fresh out of Gillette’s Reading Innovation Centre. This allows the blade cartridge to bend and flex to the shape of your face, rather than you having to do the hard work.

In fact, here is the advert to let you see what I mean:

Here are some of the ‘specs’:

  • Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades (first 4 razor blades) for less tug and pull (vs. Fusion)
  • Precision Trimmer on the back for accurate edging
  • Enhanced Lubastrip for a smooth glide
  • Blade stabilizer helps maintain precise blade shape
  • Blade suspension system for an optimal comfort
  • Snowplow comfort guard to help clear away excess shave prep
  • Gillette’s best shave great even on sensitive skin
  • All Fusion blades fit all Fusion handles

Look and feel

The razor features five blades, with a precision trimmer on the back. The top of the blades features a Lubastrip to moisturise your skin as the blade moves on it, while a Snowplow comfort guard at the bottom.  Looking closer at blades help you see plenty of weld marks which help with the syspension system, letting the blades move, while a blade stabilizer means the blade shape is maintained.

Under the blades is the latest addition, the Flexball technology. This bright orange ball allows you to flex your blades either side, with optimized angle, movement and dampening properties.

Under it is a handle, which is a bit heavier if you have the Power model, like us.

Overall, the Flexball stands out as far as the look goes, and a good solid, slightly heavy feel means it feels pretty stable in your hand, and as you move it across your face.

The shaving experience

So, how good is the shaving experience? And most of all, does the Flexball make a difference?

Now, before I go into the experience, being from Pakistan means I have thicker hair on my face, while the contours are probably not that different. This means that I often find razors and shaving a painful experience. So the test for the Flexball is an even harder one than usual.

So, I used Gillette’s recommended Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Gel to lather up my face, and off we went.

As always, I started around my cheeks, and found it to be a smooth and comfortable experience. I get similar results with most of the Fusion range, so nothing special, yet.

The real test, though, came as I moved to my jawline and neck. This is where this really stood out. It followed the contour of my face, and my neck, and I found that not only did I need lesser strokes, I also needed to apply lesser pressure. Result? Smoother, more comfortable experience, and faster too.


It is available from most high street retail shops as well as online.


There is a lot of issue around men having to be tough and all that. However, if you are honest to yourself, and like a bit of comfort on your face, don’t lie to yourself. Go out and get what is the most comfortable shaving product I have tried so far. You won’t regret it.


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