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Review: kajsa Denim Collection iPhone 6 Review



While denim as a statement comes and goes, you can’t deny that jeans and their denim look has never really gone out of fashion. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable, jeans have always been the go-to trousers to wear. Kajsa have taken a page from the stylist’s diary and applied that to their Denim Collection iPhone 6 case.

Look and feel

Kajsa denim iphone case

The phone looks like leather, but has a soft plastic feel on that end. Below it is the jeans pocket, which allows you to hold cards, or cash, or whatever takes your fancy.

Also on the back is the Kajsa logo, with their ‘Refashioning your protection’ motto.

A hole for the camera and flash is also present on the back.

On the front is the Denim collection logo, which will get hidden once you put your phone in. The inside serves as a soft protective shell which gives you plenty of confidence that your phone will not scratch on the inside.

Cuts in the frame form space for ports/buttons at the sides and bottom.

The case itself forms a thick protective layer, which is more evident when the phone is in.

On and off

The phone slides on fairly easily, with a clip like action. Similar in the backward allows you to take it off. Easy, and yet sturdy when in. Just how I like it.

Phone accessibility

When the phone is in, you notice that the camera is further back on the inside, which indicates the thickness of the case. Being very light though, it doesn’t make much of a difference, and you get extra protection. Other than that, all ports are easily accessible.


Once in, the denim back allows you to hold your phone firmly, with little or no chance of slipping. It slides in and out of pockets easily too, with extra friction added thanks to the jeans pocket on the back.


It also comes with a protective film to apply on your phone’s screen, and the case this comes in actually also serves as a phone stand. Definitely love this little touch!

More information

More information on this case can be found at Korea Hallyu website under the iPhone 6 cases category:


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