Tips & Tools to Protect Your Assets

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Security is important, there’s no denying that. But these days it takes more than just locking your door and looking over your shoulder before you input your pin number. Securing yourself and your property requires comprehensive coverage and forward thinking in order to make sure you stay one step ahead of the thieves.

Protect Yourself

Identity theft can be a scary thing, even more so because of the fact that you may not even realize that it’s happening. And in this virtual and digital world, it sometimes seems even easier for would-be thieves to get access to your information. The first step is to protect who you are by having protection on your devices. With Lookout you can secure all your devices from all of the hidden viruses and malware that can find their way onto your phones or tablets. It can do everything from scan all of your apps to ensure no spyware snuck onto your device, to wiping all your personal information so that no one can find it. It can also help you backup your information and will even let you find your device if you lose it or it gets stolen.

Beyond protecting your devices, make sure your identity is protected. With so much information to keep track of and so many different ways it can be used without your knowledge, trying to do it yourself is virtually impossible. That’s why LifeLock was created. Its job is to continuously monitor your identity in the virtual world, looking for suspicious activity. If LifeLock finds it, they will immediately notify you and can even help you recover what, if anything, was lost or stolen.

Protect Your Stuff

Odds are, you’ve spent most of your life working hard so that you can afford the things you love, and once you’ve gotten them, you want to keep them. One of the best ways to do that is to eliminate the ways that someone can get into your home. Believe it or not, keys are easy to duplicate. Why not invest in a touchscreen padlock from Arrow. The innovative screen prevents guessing by identifying worn out buttons, and the ability to have multiple codes for different people gives everyone a sense of security. They are weather resistant and easy to set up with voice-guided programming.

Once your door is secure, make sure you know what’s going on in the rest of your home. gives you complete and comprehensive home security that is remotely monitored from anywhere right from your mobile device. It is also one of the most interactive and communicative systems available. Individual alerts can be set up for events like a door opening. The event can be recorded by video and sent directly to your phone or tablet so you can see exactly what’s happening, no matter where you are. You can also check the status of your home and remotely control things like temperature and alarm activation.

Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and your stuff is to keep informed. Take the time and effort to learn who your neighbors are, and involve yourself in things like neighborhood watches. Cutting yourself off may sound like a good way to stay safe, but oftentimes the more isolated you are, the more at-risk you become.

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