Review: Spotify Premium from Vodafone Red


Spotify needs no introduction. It has become the main music streaming service out there, offering players for both mobile devices as well as computers. With many companies forming partnerships with them, there is no real stopping them. Yes, there has been some conflict of interest with some artists (such as Taylor Swift, recently) taking a stand against Spotify, but generally, it provides a pretty good service when it comes to giving you access to music.

Spotify comes in two flavours, the free version, and the Premium version. The free version, while giving access to everything as well, requires a constant internet connection, and plays advertisements. It also only allows shuffle play, not letting you choose your own music in playlists. There are ways around this, but they are cumbersome.

The premium version comes with offline access, to download all your music, no adverts, and ability to have things play in whatever order you prefer. It also features better sound quality. It generally costs £9.99 a month, though you often get one month free trial thrown in.

Spotify Premium on Vodafone Red

If you’re a Vodafone Red customer, you get the chance to get free Spotify Premium thrown in with your contract. This not only saves you a tenner a month, it also enables you to have access to some of the best music out there.

With Vodafone Red, you have the option to get Spotify Premium, Now TV, Netflix, or Sky Sports Pass thrown in.

How to get Spotify Premium with Vodafone Red

In order to get your required service (any of them), visit the Vodafone Red Entertainment Pack website:

Over there, click on the Spotify link:

From there, you hit ‘Activate Now’, and you get taken to a screen where you need to enter your Vodafone Red phone number.

Here you enter your phone number, and if the service has been activated for you, you can choose a pass for yourself, and then sign in or sign up (if you don’t have an account with them) to the service you wanted.

The method applies for any of the entertainment passes you may want.

Took some time, it did

I am not sure if this was an issue with Spotify, but it took me some time to get the service activated. A few hours. Afterwards, there was no issues.

Spotify Premium

As already mentioned, Spotify Premium gives you access to those features you do not get as a free customer. For Spotify, this includes offline access, better sound quality, no adverts and ability to play/skip songs as you wish. Spotify features one of the biggest music libraries out there, and having the premium pass gives you access to being the perfect DJ to having your perfect playlists all at the tip of your fingers.

Where can I use Spotify?

Have a smartphone? You’re probably good. Have a computer? You’re good too. If all else fails, there is a web player.


A simple saving of £10 a month is definitely a great deal, no matter what you get. Obviously, if you look at Spotify, that adds a great music premium service to the mix.

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