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The Pure Evoke series have already established themselves as a great range of DAB radios. This hasn’t stopped Pure from constantly innovating, and their latest offering in the Evoke series is the Evoke D4 Mio with Bluetooth, featuring leather effect casing with interchangeable coloured trims. It also includes a remote control to select radio stations, adjust volume, etc. Optimized audio profiles help keeping the music to how you like it, while built in Bluetooth means the radio can also act as a powerful speaker to stream your favourite music. The added option of having a ChargePAK means this can be used on the go, totally wirelessly.

The ChargePAK needs to be bought separately, and our option didn’t include it, so we haven’t tested that.

Look and feel


The radio is beautifully framed in a leather trim, which includes changeable colours. On front is the 3″ speaker, behind a metallic mesh grill, a two line LCD, Volume and Select dial knobs, 5 buttons to give you options of up to 15 preset channels, a source select button, a menu button, a couple of alarms as well as timer buttons. Below is the power button, with a remote input section on its left.

The back features the mains power in, audio out, audio in as well as a USB port (for updates).

There is also a high bass output for the speaker at the back, and the antenna.

The top features a handle, which also serves as a ‘SnoozeHandle’, meaning you can snooze your alarms for 10 minutes if you hit this.


Changing of the trims is really easy. You pretty much slide the older trim off the front and back, and just flick the one out of the handle using your finger, and reverse the process to put new ones on.

The following colours are available:

  • Charcoal Sky (Black)
  • Raspberry Beret (Maroon)
  • Pewter Suitor (Grey)
  • Cerulean City (Blue)
  • Aloe Vera (Green)
  • Almond Tree (Cream)

The remote

Also included is the remote, that features volume, standby, preset and select options to change channels.

Quick setup

The setup is pretty similar to most DAB radios, with the exception that when you start this up, you do so by choosing the language before it goes into auto tune mode to go and find all the channels. After that, you’re good to go.


It offers the following sources:

  • DAB
  • FM
  • Aux IN
  • Bluetooth

These can all be selected via the Source button on the front.

Ease of use

The biggest advantage of having lots of buttons is that it makes controls easier. On this you can adjust volume, or mute it by pressing the button, similarly select is a dial, which can be pressed to select. Buttons for source, menu, alarms and timers make things rather easy.

Menu structure is fairly straight forward to, as is the ability to change sources.

DAB and FM Radios

The main purpose of this device is to act as a DAB or FM radio. It works well on both parts, giving you a great sound quality, high volume and plenty of information from the channels to keep you entertained. I found reception to be very good for both.


Bluetooth pairing is a straight forward process, in which you shift to Bluetooth mode on the radio, scan on your device and pair.

After that, just shift to Bluetooth mode on your radio and you should be good to go.

In Bluetooth mode, you do not get any information about the track playing, just the clock.

Sound Quality

For a single speaker, this radio packs in quite a punch. Sound is slightly heavier on the bass side, though not in a prominent way. The sound is adequate, even for noisy environments, and you will not be disappointed by the sound quality at all.

Extra features

  • Three power modes, allowing you to completely turn this off, being on in Sleep mode, which allows Bluetooth stream, and being completely on
  • Two alarms, which can be set to daily, weekdays, weekends, Saturday, Sunday or Once only. The alarms can use DAB or FM radios as source.
  • SnoozeHandle on top can be used to snooze the alarms, with ability to change the snooze time.
  • Kitchen timer and sleep timer
  • Ability to pause scrolling information and scroll through it
  • Adjust information shown, and turn clock on/off
  • Change language
  • Reset to factory
  • Ability to update software
  • Optional ChargePAK making your experience truly portable

More information

More information on the device can be found on Pure’s website:


It retails for £149.99 from John Lewis or Pure.com.


A feature full radio that offers a very decent quality sound. With built in kitchen timer and alarms, it is ideal for anywhere in your home.

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