Archos set to unveil a new array of connected devices come CES 2014 – Connected Home, Activity Tracker, Weather Station

Archos have slowly been making their name in the Android world, announcing some well received phones and tablets this year. However, that was just the start of the show from them, as they are about to unveil a load of devices that are about to connect your home, monitor the weather and monitor your activity … Read more

Review: Sony Imagination Studio 4

  What is it? The Imagination Studio (Version 4) from Sony is an all in one suite for all your multimedia needs. You can create and edit movies, create and edit music as well as audio, upload to various cloud based websites as well as burn DVDs and Blu-Rays in a professional manner. It includes … Read more

Merry Christmas!

  Wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Have a great time, from all the team at OxGadgets, and we shall be back soon! Ps, do let us know all about the gifts you get :D!

Fairphone – delivered in time for Xmas

  The Fairphone is an interesting incentive that was pushed forward to bring a fairer world to all of us. Everyone gets the share they deserve, and it is all supposed to help create a better world for everyone. They bring good relationships, precious materials are sourced from conflict free sources, the design is open, … Read more

FLTR: World’s first smartphone photography magazine

  The British Journal of Photography is an authority when it comes to photography. The creators of the magazine have made an interesting observation, and have just announced the first smartphone photography based magazine. FLTR is available as an iPhone app, and available on iTunes. It focuses on smartphone image creators, and includes exclusive interviews … Read more