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We love cycling, and more than that, we love any gadgets that help us in cycling. A team of cycling enthusiasts from Edinburgh have come up with a cool and clever way to enhance cycle safety by adding a back light on your bike that shows off your speed, as well as adds the ‘brake light’ effect by getting brighter as you get slower. Watch the video below to find out more:

On top of that, it is compatible with ANT sensors, and works with your Garmin devices as well.

Some more information about it:

The VelocityLight:

  • differentiates you immediately as a cyclist in the visual noise of the traffic
  • It shows your speed of travel in either Kph or Mph making drivers re-assess their rate of approach
  • It works as a brake light, getting increasingly brighter as you slow down.
  • As a stand alone rear light, the VeloCityLight is one of the brightest rear lights available on the market – 48 LEDs giving out between 20 to 175 lumens.
20 : 40 : 80 : 175 lumens
20 : 40 : 80 : 175 lumens
  • It has 4 adjustable levels of brightness and a sensor to automatically adjust brightness to match the ambient light conditions, so you get the best trade off between the conditions and power.
  • Based on an ANT wireless chip, it works with existing ANT sensors used with many cycle computers.  Our VeloCitySensor will also send data to your existing ANT based cycle computer.
  • USB rechargeable, 1700mAh internal battery offers 4 to 12 hours of continuous use depending on the brightness setting
  • Precision battery monitoring  shows you an accurate percentage of battery life remaining, both when charging and at a push of a button.
  • Water and dust proofed to IP66 it’s at home in the wilds of Scotland or the Outback.  The USB port is covered by a waterproof seal (not shown in prototype)
  • Lightweight around 65 grams and easily detachable from the seat post bracket for security.
  • Size designed to the dimensions of an iPhone.
  • Configurable for all wheel sizes


  • Our ANT send device attaches to the fork and works with the spoke magnet to measure the speed.
VeloCityLight, VeloCitySensor, Bracket & Spoke Magnet
VeloCityLight, VeloCitySensor, Bracket & Spoke Magnet

The only thing we can think of is that it needs to have a front aspect as well, because a lot of times, people need to be able to see you from the front as to how fast you are coming as well. In fact, in places like Oxford, it is often the case. Also, it may be a bit too tempting to attach it in front of my eyes to see how fast I am going.

So, how much will this cost? If you already have an ANT sensor, it comes at £45, but if want the complete package, they were offering it at £49 for the complete thing, which sadly is all gone. However, there is still time, and you can still get your hands on this for just £55, which is an absolute bargain for something similar! (Bike lights are high on the Christmas gift list in Oxford, this is the season to find out how expensive good ones are!)

Ten more days are left in this project, and they could definitely do with your support!

To find out more, click on the following link or widget.


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