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FLTR: World’s first smartphone photography magazine



The British Journal of Photography is an authority when it comes to photography. The creators of the magazine have made an interesting observation, and have just announced the first smartphone photography based magazine. FLTR is available as an iPhone app, and available on iTunes.

It focuses on smartphone image creators, and includes exclusive interviews from both amateur and professional photographers, also highlighting the apps available as well as devices and accessories that can be used in smartphone photography.

The app also works on iPad, though the screen has been designed for an iPhone, so is the resolution, which probably will be changing soon.

It comes as a free download, but each weekly issue costs 99c, or $20/year. The first issue is free though, for your perusal.

Smartphone focused magazines have had mixed success in the past, but with something that only focuses on smartphone based photography, this may be hitting the right market.

However, I think BJP have probably missed a trick here by not releasing this on Android as well as Windows Phones, as the photography there is definitely something that is talked about a lot more than the iPhone’s camera.

Once again, something that probably will happen soon.

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