Review: Sony Imagination Studio 4

sony imagination studio


What is it?

The Imagination Studio (Version 4) from Sony is an all in one suite for all your multimedia needs. You can create and edit movies, create and edit music as well as audio, upload to various cloud based websites as well as burn DVDs and Blu-Rays in a professional manner.

It includes the following software in the suite:

Movie Studio

Also available on its own, or as a free trial, this allows you make movies, and takes out the complexity while doing it. You can import and edit films from both regular video cameras, as well as HD footage, and then apply composition, colour correction, apply 5.1 sound mixing, etc. Then you can upload it to Youtube, or burn a DVD/Blu-Ray disc.

It all starts with the importing of clips, which once imported can be edited directly from the timeline. You can add sounds and titles, as well as various effects, such as slow motion, colours, etc. You can also add transitions, and dissolves, and allow up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks to each project, letting you create a mixture of images, videos and sounds to create the perfect movie.

Acid Music Studio

More interested in sound? The Acid Music Studio is there to fulfil that need! It is for the band member in you, the musician in you, and the DJ in you. You can record music, plug in instruments, import audio and clips, and create various loops. Add to that some studio quality audio effects, and you have a great thing going. Using timelines, MIDI data, and built in instruments, you can create whatever you like.

Much like the Movie Studio, this is also available on its own, and as a free trial.


Sound Forge Audio Studio

And how does this differ from the above? We wondered the same. The above is more to do mixing of music, and perhaps be a DJ. This is more for those of you who have a drum set, a guitar and a piano in their garage (or whatever room you managed to squeeze away). You can record audio, vocals, live instruments, apply studio quality effects, and convert files as required.

Importing abilities include digitizing LP or vinyl, as well as restoration from CDs or popular file formats. Once in, you have powerful editing tools at your disposal, where you can balance sound levels, synchronize audio with video, or just create your own loops to use them with Acid Music Studio. Using the Audio Enhancer Plug in, you can elevate the quality to broadcast, but this is only available as an upgrade.

You can also import video to synchronize it with various videos, and customize various effects.

DVD Architect Studio

This allows you to create professional DVD and Blu Ray menus before burning them. It includes extensive video and audio support, and you can burn almost anything on to a DVD/Blu-Ray that will play on almost anything. Also included are many themes, and of course, you can simulate your project to see exactly how it will look as a finished project.


All the above offer intensive tutorials to help you get on to creating professional looking videos and audios straight out of the box.

More information

More information can be found at the following link:

This retails from £99.95, and additional plug ins may cost you extra.


For a low price, you get to do a lot, and Sony are not a company that produce half hearted products. Definitely a great software to produce some great quality audios and videos.


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