Review: Inkly – Send hand written cards using your iPhone/iPad/Android

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What is it?

Inkly is a service that lets you send ‘hand written’ cards to your loved ones using an app on your iPhone or iPad, with the Android one coming soon (we are assured).

Wait… what?

It isn’t quite that far fetched. E-Cards have got rid of a lot of cards that we used to send in our old days, and while things are different now, the fact is that personalized hand written letters and cards are still worth a lot more, and definitely worth more as far as emotional value goes.

Why use Inkly though?

Inkly allow you to send hand written cards all over the world, from the comfort of your sofa. Being an online directory means they have an ever growing collection of cards to send, and some of them can be edited to your taste as well. You can also hand write the address on the envelope. Best of all, all this, including postage, costs £2.99, which isn’t any more (in fact, it could often be less) than what you would spend on doing the exact same job, apart from all the hassle of going out to buy the card, and then hand writing it.

So, how do I do this hand writing?

Inkly lets you do it in two ways. You either hand write it, and take a picture, as we did, or you can use a stylus to write your message on your iPad’s screen.

Does it do colours?

Actually, no. It doesn’t. The text was written in black and red inks, and it all appeared as black.

What if I don’t want to hand write?

You can use an array of fonts as well, and just type your message.

How good is the quality of the text?

2013-12-27 10.05.03

This is probably this fails, ever so slightly. While not really noticeable, if you look really closely, you can see that it has been printed, thanks to the little square bits in the text. However, to the naked eye, it feels like a bit of ink is smudgy, so hopefully not too much of an issue.

Will it look hand written? Probably not, if you look closely. Will it feel personalized? Yes.

More information

More information, as well as download links for the app can be found at the following link:


We definitely like the idea, but think that some improvement can be made, such as allowing colours, and probably getting a printer with a better resolution. Then again, it doesn’t cost much at all, lets you personalize and hand write your card, and lets you doodle. This definitely makes it better than some of the competition out there.

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One thought on “Review: Inkly – Send hand written cards using your iPhone/iPad/Android

  1. I’ve submitted work to Inkly yet never get any updates/statements from them?? i’ve never received one since joining them way back when they were under the name CardCub Design & despite constant emails & promises i’m now being ignored?! any other artists having the same issue with this company??

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