Edifier W820NB

Edifier are well known for their audio solutions, and we have looked at a fair few of their products on our website, and loved every single one of them. Their latest offering is the Edifier W820NB offering the audio quality mixed with noise cancelling that we have come to expect from them.

Edifier W820NB – Features

  • High quality sound, equipped with 1.6 inch (40mm) drivers that support LDAC decoding and high resolution.
  • Can accept up to 990 Kbps in LDAC, and 576Kbps in Qualcomm aptX HD.
  • Up to 43dB of Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, offering Deep Neural Network Noise Cancellation.
  • The DNN helps make audio calls in noisy environments a breeze.
  • Ambient sound mode to ensure safety and security.
  • Only 220g in weight, with patented extra soft earcups, offering great comfort.
  • Extra features accessible via the Edifier app
  • Game mode offers low latency
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity
  • Up to 49 hours of battery life, with fast charge offering you up to 7 hours after just 10 minutes of charge. Up to 29 with noise cancelling on.

Look and feel

The headphones have a very nice and sleek look to them. On top of the headphones, there is also a few buttons that offer you access to volume control, power and a multifunction button that allows you to shift between various modes or perform other things.

In terms of the feel, the whole device seems very nice and sleek. The main thing which I quite liked was how comfortable they felt on my ears. Being that little bit lighter, and a little bit more comfortable on the ears just really makes them a much more comfortable experience, allowing you to where them longer.


The setup is fairly simple, as is usual with most Bluetooth devices. Just turn them on and they appear in your Bluetooth devices list. You can force them into pair mode if you need to using the multifunction button as well.

Once paired, you can view further settings in the Edifier Connect app.

Sound quality and noise cancelling

As expected, they offer a really great quality of sound. Noise cancelling is pretty good as well. Interestingly, with these sort of headphones, you get a bit of noise isolation anyway, but with the extra noise cancellation thrown in mixed with the ambient modes, it offers you a really great way to control the sound and noise cancellation experience.

In terms of listening to music or making phone calls, the clarity and detail are fully there. What I like about Edifier products in general is how the sound is generally true to the real thing, and not bass heavy, and the Edifier W820NB are no exception.

Mixed with the comfort, these are great for listening to music or just making phone calls or living the Zoom/Teams life that we live these days.

More information on the Edifier W820NB

More information on the Edifier W820NB can be found on their website.

They come in four colours, and can be bought via online retailers such as Amazon. At the time of writing, they retail for £79.99, which is a great price for headphones so good!

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