In a world full of distractions due to your phone, and I mean the real ones such as our evergrowing reliance on sat nav apps as well as media playing, the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 offers a distraction-free solution to drivers which doesn’t rely on the need to look at a screen. Built on their CO-DRIVER NO1, the device beeps and uses LEDs to tell you about speed cameras or traffic issues, allowing you to be able to report them as well.

What is it?

The device is a simple circular thing that can be mounted in your car via adhesives or a magnetic mount, comes in a small disc-sized form, and features nothing but sound and an LED ring around it. It starts automatically and connects to your phone automatically as you start your car. No action is needed on your phone or by you. The device lasts a fair while without needing recharging, but can also just be left on charge in the car.


  • Distraction free warning systems using LEDs and beeps
  • Connects to your phone via app
  • Automatically starts when you turn on the car, no action required from driver
  • Can connect with more than one phone/driver
  • Warns of speed cameras and traffic issues
  • Integrates with Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay
  • Works through 80 countries
  • Allows you to report speed cameras/traffic issues via handy button on device


The setup of the device is quite easy. You download the OOONO app, sign in or register and then add your device from the Devices tab. After that, you may have to allow the device/app to access your location settings, and you’re pretty much ready to drive.


As described, the device comes on as you start to drive. For me, it was pretty much in the first few seconds of the car turning on, so I am assuming it is to do with detecting motion and turning itself on at that. I have used car Bluetooth devices like that, but it is a pretty neat technology. It turns on with a little beep jingle which is recognisable.

After that, it will beep and show the LEDs for any speed or traffic incident. If it hasn’t reported something, you can report it yourself too. Press once for a speed camera/trap and twice for a traffic incident/warning.

In usage, I found that almost all the speed cameras were reported, though I didn’t come across any speed traps that pop up every now and then. For information, I tried it mostly driving around Oxford, but I also drove around Thame, Bicester, Aylesbury and even drove up to Nottingham to test this out. It was a little less responsive around traffic incidents. It did warn on a few, e.g. a lot of roadworks were warned, but sudden slow down in traffic or accidents were not really reported.

However, as far as distraction-free driving goes, it is pretty neat and seamless.

Phone usage

So, does it give a bit hit on the battery? Not something I noticed.

Does it need access to location at all times or only while driving? Theoretically only while driving, though my phone has warned me a lot about the device using the location in the background. Which is how it is supposed to work.

App usage

Apart from the basic information sent to and from the device, the app offers navigation as well Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. I just ended up using my own navigation apps, as there is enough of those.

In terms of CarPlay integration, it worked quite well, as it would lower the volume and a little message would pop up on your screen from the bottom whenever the device beeped. In fact, on my journey up the M1 towards Nottingham, it did this so much that I pretty much found it a nuisance and had to turn it off.

Which is pretty much the main issue with this device. If you are going somewhere for the first time, it is great, but if you are in a speed camera-heavy area or route, this could become quite annoying after a while.

Subscription requirement

You don’t need any subscription for the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2, but the website states that after a year of use, you will need to pay a €1/month for using their navigation app as well as using it with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

As I mentioned above, I ended up using my own navigation apps, but I will miss the CarPlay integration if I wasn’t to pay the subscription.

Comparison with the usual apps

I guess the biggest competition to this is the Waze app. While it will warn you about everything, it is really rather difficult to be able to report something while you are driving. In fact, I would argue that it is pretty much dangerous and really shouldn’t be done. This device on the other hand, allows you to just press a button once or twice to do the same, which makes it really handy.

On the other hand, the likes of Waze app have more customisation such as how you receive information.

I did notice that Waze is better at reporting the little things that happen on the road, like cars pulled over on the side etc, while this device wasn’t picking them up. It is a German device, so maybe it isn’t as well integrated with t

More information

More information on the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 can be found on their website.

It retails for £69.99 and can be bought directly from them or via Amazon.

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