Buying a VR Headset for Christmas?

You know that the era of virtual reality has arrived when there is an obscene number of freakout videos going viral.   You get the idea. (There is a never-ending list of videos up on Youtube. Just type in ‘VR Freak Out’.)  It is no surprise then that the news predicts a massive jump in … Read more

7 Essential Tips for First-Time PC Builders

Building your own PC means creating a device tailored to your very own needs. It’s easy to upgrade, often cheaper and can perform much faster than traditional models. So, if you’re going down the DIY route and it’s your first time custom-building your own machine, here are 7 essential tips to consider, provided by German … Read more

IFA 2015: A guide on how to see all the best stuff in 2 hours!

IFA is as big as it gets when it comes to technology this side of the ocean. The venue is big, and the show is very time consuming. As I have spent a couple of days running around IFA this year, I bring you the three stalls you should visit. If you plan your journey … Read more

How to roll your own local app store with F-Droid

There’s a tendency for people who release Android apps to treat the Google Play store as the single monopoly app repository. If a company’s got an app ‘on Android’ that’s usually short for ‘on Google Play’, assuming that every device running Android has got access to Google Play. That’s probably true for most users, but … Read more

Top 10 smartphone accessory gifts

If you’re buying for a smartphone junkie or someone who’s getting a new device for Christmas, check out our smartphone accessories gift guide and find something they’ll love. MyAmp, Stocking Fillers, £14.99 This battery-powered speaker plugs into any smartphone via the 3.5mm audio jack, and comes in a cool retro amp design. There are bass, … Read more

Review: Why You Should Buy a Dashcam

Dashcams, car cameras, accident cameras, whatever you want to call them, these devices are big news. This site announced the new Garmin Eye Witness dashcam in February, and since then, it seems like everyone’s been jumping on the bandwagon. Auto Express has reviewed them, the Independent has written about them and they’re available everywhere from … Read more

A Quick Guide to Waterproof Smartphones and IP ratings

  With Samsung’s recent announcement of the Galaxy S5 and Sony’s announcement of the new Xperia Z2, waterproof-ability of smartphones is beginning to show up a little more on people’s radars than it did before. A waterproof smartphone is certainly not a new idea. For example, Sony brought out the original Xperia Z back in … Read more