How To: Solve VStarCam WiFi connection issues


I have recently bought myself a VStarCam camera. It is cheap (around £40 from Amazon), offers fairly decent apps, and using SD CARD recording and app access means that you can easily use it as a security camera.

It has a rather interesting way of being setup.

You download the app, and then your phone sends a voice signal to your camera with your WiFi details. The camera ‘listens’, decodes and then enters these details to access WiFi.

During our setup, it kept failing, no matter how many times we tried.

The problem? We were connected to a 5G band on our phone. The system will only send the password of the WiFi band your phone is connected to, and if you are connected to a 5G band, the IPCamera will not recognize it, since it cannot operate in that band.

The solution to this is rather simple. Disconnect your phone from the 5G band, and shift over to the 2G band.

For most people, this means entering the same password, and going from your <wifiname-5G> to your <wifiname-2G> in your WiFi list.

Once done, open the app and try again.

You should find that this time when the phone makes the annoying beepdobeep (much like R2D2), the camera will respond by saying ‘connection is successful’, or something along those lines.

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

We also talk about how to turn the green LED on the camera off in a separate article.

Do you have the same camera? Have you found it useful? Do you know of any cool hacks? Do let us know in the comments section below or via social media.





2 thoughts on “How To: Solve VStarCam WiFi connection issues”

  1. I’m having the same problem since changing my wifi router!
    According to the instructions all I should need to do is change the password on the eye4 app and reset the camera. However the camera can’t read the wifi from my phone. Very frustrating!


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