5 Benefits of Using HR Software

The challenge in effective and efficient human resource management has confronted many businesses in the past. Even today, problems continue to arise relevant to HR matters and firms are sometimes left with little power to solve such predicaments. This state of inefficacy often results from the lack of sufficient information and data to create an … Read more

Convert YouTube videos to mp3 files for free, instantly and intuitively

Human Intuition has changed the world we live in for the better. This is also true when it comes to technology. Ever since the Internet has started gaining popularity, countless tools and services have seen a total transformation, giving people the chance to receive instant results and enhancing the pace at which everyone goes about … Read more

How to Extend C Drive/System Partition in Windows 7/8/10?

low disk space

When Windows warns you that you are running out of disk space, it can be rather annoying. Especially, if you are a computer science student, you need to install heavy softwares, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, Dev C++, Coral Draw, local server, virtual machine, and many more. These softwares occupy large disk … Read more

ونڈوز 7/8/10 میں سی ڈرائیو یا سسٹم پارٹیشن کو کیسے بڑھایا جائے؟ – Extend C Drive in Windows (URDU)

low disk space

یقیناً آپ کو بہت غصہ آتا ہو گا جب ونڈوز کی وارننگ آتی ہے کہ آپ کی ڈِسک ڈرائیو میں مزید سپیس باقی نہیں ہے۔خاص طور پر اگر آپ کمپیوٹر سائنس کے طالبِ علم ہیں تو آپ کو بھاری سافٹ وئیرز کی ضرورت پڑتی  ہے، جیسے مائیکرو سافٹ وژیول سٹوڈیو، ڈریم ویور، فوٹو شاپ، ڈیوَ … Read more

Get the party started with these three musical tips!

As Christmas approaches, it is only natural to turn towards some classical Christmas tunes to get the festive spirit going. Be it Christmas, a wedding, a birthday party, or literally any cause for celebration or gathering, music plays a mighty role in it. Thanks to technology, music is at our finger tips. Whether you prefer … Read more

How To: Solve VStarCam WiFi connection issues

I have recently bought myself a VStarCam camera. It is cheap (around £40 from Amazon), offers fairly decent apps, and using SD CARD recording and app access means that you can easily use it as a security camera. It has a rather interesting way of being setup. You download the app, and then your phone … Read more