3 Affordable Drones in Pakistan

A good quality drone with a great camera is a bit pricey in Pakistan so if you’re an amateur, it’s better to invest in a cheap but sturdy one. A beginner’s drone will help you get the hang of it so that you can soar the skies with a bigger and better flying contraption ASAP. Some of our favourite drones are in the list below.


In Pakistan, almost every child, teenager and adult is in search for a cheap shiny drone which they can show off to their friends. However, as easy as going to the market and buying one off the shelf sounds, it really isn’t! The reason being that most of the people who do sell high quality imported drones are selling them at outrageous prices. Nevertheless, there are still online markets that sell them in the major cities and, that too, at an affordable price.

Here are 3 Drones you can buy in Pakistan without breaking the bank:

1. DIYI Drone-D1 (Mini)

This cute little drone is smaller than the size of your hand but just as good as a normal sized one. It can be manoeuvred at night as well with the help of the LED lights that come with it. In addition, it can perform a variety of flips thanks to the highly integrated Remote Control. Priced at Rs.2750 (20 GBP), this sturdy and super fast drone is definitely a steal. It’s also available on Daraz.pk for a discounted price of Rs.2075 only.


2. KT S49 Remote Drone



This model is more advanced than the DIYI one as it has a 2.4G frequency RC transmitter which lets you fly it with a stronger signal if there are other drones in the area. It has better wind resistance and has various flight movements. It also contains a built-in gyroscope which provides it with better stability. Priced at Rs.4350 (31 GBP) and available on KC Mart and Daraz.pk.


3.  iVision Syma X5SW Wiif FPV Real-time 2.4G QuadCopter



Now this drone is the real deal. It has a built-in HD camera and electronic compass and a WiFi connection for fast camera-to-phone transfers. Attaching your mobile phone to the remote controller is also an option. It also has a built-in lithium battery that lasts for a long time and is extremely durable. You can use it indoors as well and for a cheap price of Rs.10,000 ( 72 GBP), this flying beast can be yours. Available online on Daraz.pk and tech stores like iVision.

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