Master video conversion in 5 steps and begin working on a new hobby

Sharing is something we teach our kids as being an act of kindness that equally benefits the giver and the receiver. Nevertheless, in today’s world, we tend to exclusively associate the word “share” with social media and other kinds of platforms. As a direct result, we are increasingly more open to expressing our opinions and inner thoughts publicly. This freedom of expression makes people more open-minded and more willing to create new and innovative things.

Nevertheless, getting your feelings across is somewhat difficult, especially during a time of constant electronic and technological stimulation. This is why more people take up various creative or artistic hobbies. This allows an individual to use their valuable time to create something inspired by their own personal thoughts. The more simple and straightforward the message, the more like-minded people can truly relate and take the message for what it was really intended to do.

The simplicity of a technologically enhanced world

Keeping everything simple and to the point is essential in today’s society. Given the fact that we can try out activities in so many fields of interest, is a great stimulus for making our minds more focused and alert. This can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, the world at large, and the people around us.

Sharing videos on the Internet

Video sharing platforms have completely revolutionised the way we view visual entertainment. Without websites such as Vimeo or YouTube, we would not be able to instantly gain access to a huge collection of knowledge that is available for free, whenever we need it.

YouTube and Vimeo are taking the world by storm. More and more people are uncovering the beneficial effects making videos as a hobby can have. It’s enjoyable, it can get pretty complex, and it greatly pays off in the end.

Converting Internet video files to more useful formats

Video can be used in a multitude of ways when it comes to entertainment. They can be viewed for pleasure, educational purposes, and they can even be saved onto your device for later.

Another way of using a video you found online, could be to include it within an original video that you have created. This can quickly be done online, without much of a hassle, which provides a great time-saving outcome.

To exemplify just how intuitive and simple these online tools are becoming, let’s give the Videoconvert website as an example. This site’s main function is to convert videos to other formats. However, it also features a handy little option that lets you trim your video and download only a small part of it to your device.

Easy 5 steps for conversion

The steps to converting a YouTube of Vimeo video, after it has been opened with an Internet browser, are:

  1. From the address bar of your browser, copy the video’s link
  2. Access and paste the copied URL in the search box located on the homepage
  3. Select the audio or video format you would like your resulted video to be
  4. Click the Convert now button under the search box
  5. Hit the Download button after the conversion process is finished

You can also see the above steps in a video format:

Follow-up options

By having this kind of options available at any time, even beginners can start editing videos and creating clips to upload to YouTube or Vimeo. The subjects that can be approached in these clips can include anything from music, tutorials, audio books, language lessons and much more. Let your imagination come up with whatever works for you and have fun with it! Good luck!

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