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Convert YouTube videos to mp3 files for free, instantly and intuitively

Human Intuition has changed the world we live in for the better. This is also true when it comes to technology. Ever since the Internet has started gaining popularity, countless tools and services have seen a total transformation, giving people the chance to receive instant results and enhancing the pace at which everyone goes about their daily lives.

Innovation comes from a wish to change the way things work for the better and this is the very reason why a huge number of various file types exist. Diversity is definitely needed, especially when working with audio and video files and online platforms.

YouTube, one website to rule them all

When you think of YouTube, you picture online video streaming, and no matter what kind of subject you might want to view on this all-encompassing website, you can definitely be sure you will find something useful to work with.

YouTube is a video platform that incorporates a huge amount of categories for video sharing. The downside is that the original content that can be found here, is not available to download in audio form on the site, so if you want to work with some never-before-seen audio from YouTube, you need to do a little something extra.

Mp3 converters to the rescue

Free online converters were developed to offer a great option for everyone needing to download YouTube videos to mp3 files and easily work with them in a more convenient way.

The steps are easy enough for anyone to follow. Simply go to YouTube and select what video you want to convert.

Open any video in your internet browser and copy its URL

Go to YTmp3.com

Paste the previously copied link into the search box, right where it says Insert Video Link…

Press the Convert to MP3 button

Press the Download button that appears on the screen when the conversion is finished

The instructions are also available on this video below:


When using this free online tool, you can see that, on the bottom of the homepage, there are some file suggestions from the last users who have converted their YouTube files to mp3.

What are WAV files?

WAV is also known as a Waveform Audio File Format and it was developed by Windows with the purpose of becoming the main format used on Windows systems for raw audio.

WAV files are simple but highly accurate format otherwise known as lossless. As you might have guessed, this means that they don’t loose any data when they are edited, thus maintaining a high quality of sound.

However, this kind of file comes at a price. They are quite large for storing on mobile devices, so you won’t be able to make a great big playlist by using audio files stored in this format.

What are mp3 files?

Also known as MPEG-2 audio layer III, this kind of file is a very convenient type to handle if you are concerned with size. The reason they are so small is the fact that they are created with a lossy format, meaning that the sound quality will somewhat decrease, the file will however also be substantially smaller, increasing the number of options you have while working with this kind of file.

The selective way certain sounds are eliminated from the file makes the entire process highly practical. Human hearing cannot perceive much of the difference between the file prior to conversion, and the mp3 version of the same file. It knows exactly what to eliminate so as to make the resulted file seemingly identical in quality, at least according to the sounds perceived by the human ear. For example, some sounds that are slightly softer will be concealed by more intense sounds anyway, so why not remove them altogether.

Mp3 vs. WAV

As always when making choices, you have to consider what you will be using the files for.

Mp3 files are great to use when you want to stockpile songs and store a large number of them on your device.

WAVs are meant for more intricate processing. If space is of no concern, using this type of audio to work with is a great choice. The fact that it’s a very plain format is also a great advantage because this means it has an ample collection of function it can be used for.

The rise of mp3 files

With people using the Internet for everything nowadays, files started to become more adapted for online sharing. However, WAV files are very large for this purpose.

WAV files are still being used due to their simplicity and wide-spread availability, especially in those cases where file size is not an issue, therefore compressing time is reduced, but in most cases nowadays, the mp3 file format has a much more convenient array of application.

Formats that will live on

The mp3 file format has become very widely used and it looks like it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Even with the development of new formats, suitable for various, more specific tasks, the mp3 is still hanging around due tot the familiarity and convenience people have already associated it with.

In a nutshell, using the mp3 format is a great solution if you’re looking to store lots of songs and audio files and even with the coming and going of other formats, there has not been one to keep such a constant degree of popularity all while offering the best quality and meeting demand to the fullest.

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