Get the party started with these three musical tips!

As Christmas approaches, it is only natural to turn towards some classical Christmas tunes to get the festive spirit going. Be it Christmas, a wedding, a birthday party, or literally any cause for celebration or gathering, music plays a mighty role in it.

Thanks to technology, music is at our finger tips. Whether you prefer old time classics, or want new music, there is a service or a sound system out there that will help you get the experience you want. Now, more than ever, it is also affordable.

Following are a few tips from us to get the party started.

Get streaming

The simplest and easiest way to excess music is by means of streaming apps. While the big guns such as Apple, Google and Amazon all have their respective music apps, the king of all streaming services is Spotify. Spotify has more music than any other service, has apps for almost any kind of device, and most importantly, it plays nice with pretty much any new hardware that works with the internet these days. Needless to say, we happily pay our subscription fees.

In fact, Spotify is so popular that now it is the bar against which all other competition is measured.

Go Bluetooth

Wired speakers have existed for quite a few decades. While Bluetooth has existed for quite a long time, it is now becoming the norm for all kinds of wireless communication. Things have not always been this easy though. For ages, Bluetooth was a frustrating standard which involved pairings, unpairings, and restarts. Now, it is as good as plug and play. With the advent of wireless headphones and headsets, all the trauma is but a thing of the past.

Bluetooth speakers exist in hundreds and thousands. In fact, we have reviewed quite a few speakers on our humble website. The simplest and easiest way to get a good party going in your home or office is by simply pairing your device with your favourite speakers, and hitting play!

Go Multi-Room

Multi-Room Wireless Speakers take things to the next level. These don’t just let you talk to one speaker, but instead let you talk to a whole network of speakers. The main difference between these and the speakers above are the fact that they often work via WiFi or LAN instead of relying on Bluetooth. Bluetooth works great, and offers great streaming capabilities, but it does have its limitations. Sound quality being a big one.

With speakers on offer from the likes of Sonos and Wireless speakers by  Panasonic, you can easily build a network of speakers in your home or office. Press play and the same song will take over your whole home. Don’t like what is playing? Create zones in your house and play different music in different rooms or floors. The only limitation is your imagination.

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