Amazon’s Blink Unveils New Flagship Wireless Security Cameras

Amazon has announced the Blink Outdoor and Indoor, the all-new wireless smart home security cameras by Blink. The cameras are powered by two AA lithium batteries which last up to two years. The sleek design on the cameras is new. They provide features including 1080p HD video, IR night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio. Alongside the new cameras, Blink also introduced a new battery expansion pack. The expansion pack increases the battery life to double, taking it to four years from the initial two. 


A live view of the home can be viewed by customers using just their smartphone and the Blink Home Monitor app alongside the Blink Outdoor and Indoor cameras. The cameras send motion detection alerts and allow the users to use two-way audio to speak to people or pets around their homes. In order to cut down on unnecessary alerts, the custom activity zones options help the users set high traffic areas in it. Moreover, the privacy zone allows them to remove sections in their camera’s field of view from a video recording.  


“For Blink, providing peace-of-mind and exciting new products to our customers is everything,” said Eric Saarnio, Vice President Amazon Devices EU. “While Blink’s Outdoor and Indoor cameras include many of the innovative features our customers have come to love and expect – like a powerful two-year battery life – we now offer more options and customisations than ever. From new features like privacy zones to an exciting new battery expansion pack that provides up to two additional years of battery power, we’re excited to deliver our new flagship cameras to our customers.” 

Flexible Storage Options

Blink has also expanded the storage options by adding two video storage options, giving customers more flexibility. The videos can be stored both on cloud storage and local storage. All the Indoor and Outdoor cameras by Blink come with a free trial to Blink’s cloud storage plan which is valid till the 31st of March, 2021. Beyond this date, customers who wish to continue using the service have to pay £2.50 a month for one camera or £8 a month for unlimited cameras at a single location, with no long-term contract required.   

Extended Battery Life

The all-new expanded battery pack allows the battery life of the cameras to be doubled with normal use. The already existing powerful two years using the exclusive chip technology by Blink has the potential to satisfy customers. However, doubling it makes it even more incredible thanks to the new battery pack.  

Pricing and Availability  

Blink Indoor is available for pre-order starting today at £79.99 at Blink Outdoor can also be pre-ordered today at £99.99 at Blink Indoor and Outdoor will also be available at Argos, Currys PC World,,, and Screwfix. Blink’s all-new battery expansion pack (sold separately) will also be available for £29.99. Sign up here to be kept up to date with availability.

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