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Kami Delivers Simple and Secure Surveillance with The Indoor 360 Smart-Home Camera

The world-renowned Smart Security brand Kami has made yet another announcement with the launch of their Indoor 360 Smart Home Camera. The company believes it is their best in class indoor protection offered by the 360 Smart Home Camera. It brings with it features including complete reliability, high performance and great value in a simple, discreet and elegant package. 


The Smart Home Camera has 360-degree rotation which is backed by AI-driven movement detection offering maximum protection to the home. Users can stay relaxed knowing that the camera is out there doing its job fine picking up any unusual activity, recording it and storing it safely within the cloud. The free basic Kami-Cloud service and Kami Home App enables you to control your indoor security in an easy and secure way, allowing you access to your video footage at any time.

The camera also comes packed with tracking technology and advanced motion detection allowing it to detect every movement. As a result, it is able to keep the active party within the view. Whether it’s a person or a pet, the camera will follow their every move, even while they travel about the room.

If you have the Kami Home App installed on your smartphone, the camera will send instant alerts alongside a short video clip of any motion detected. As a result, you will be able to keep a track of who is entering or leaving the room. Just open the app and have a view of every corner of the room in a matter of seconds thanks to the 360-degree rotation and the 90-degree tilt. However, if discretion is desired, there is also the option for ‘Privacy Mode’, allowing you to hide the lens away. 

You can also control the camera and the monitoring footage using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as it supports voice commands. It is as simple as ‘Alexa show me the living room’, and automatically you’ll have eyes on the desired location, from wherever you may be.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply download the Kami Home App (available on all IOS/ Android devices), activate your account and pair with the camera to enjoy reliable, smart, indoor security.

Pricing & Availability

The Indoor 360 Smart-Home Camera is available now from the Kami Store, retailing at £46.74 

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