Reveal the truth in your music

Analysing music is a long, yet exciting task that goes on and on for hours. Audiophiles spend a good amount of time analysing either their own work or another artist’s. The all-new Sennheiser HD 560S headphones offer just what is required for analytical listening sessions at an accessible price point: natural and accurate reference sound that divulges every detail, complemented by an outstanding low-frequency extension, while providing a “barely there” experience on the head and ears.


The HD 560S have been engineered to allow the listener to catch all the details of the tune, from the recording studio to the sound file. The headphones do not let their own sound design change the way a track is intended to be heard. It keeps it original and exactly how it was meant to be heard. The HD 560S’ transducers are specifically tuned for accuracy, offering dependable A/B comparisons of mixes, sources, and media formats. It has open-back ear cups that allow for natural expansion of sound waves, while their angled alignment recreates the optimal triangular listening position of loudspeakers for a wide, articulate sound-stage — without the need for room treatment.

The frequency response on the headphones is ranging from 6 Hz – 38 kHz, allowing to reproduce the entire frequency range with honesty. This is further complemented by gratifying and smooth low-frequency extension. As a result, the headphones effortlessly reproduce the complex bass sounds found in modern music. 

“We are excited to introduce the entry-level audiophile HD 560S headphones. In terms of bass response and value for money, this product represents a paradigm shift for open, dynamic headphones,” said Jermo Köhnke, Product Manager at Sennheiser. “With linear acoustics tailored to critical listening sessions, we have designed the HD 560S for audiophiles who evaluate a recording’s entire journey through the audio path.”

Headphones that are barely there

Since analysing recordings is a time taking the task, the headphones need to be extremely comfortable for the long hours of listening. The HD 560S fulfills this purpose just perfectly. They have an ultralight chassis that makes room for distraction-free listening. The around the ear design that is open offers benefits beyond natural sound — the ventilated cup remains cool without touching the wearer’s ears. Even the velour earpads have been carefully considered to keep all contact points soft to the touch for comfortable long-term listening.

Because audiophiles frequent a variety of sources, the voice coil was specifically developed to provide an exceptional experience regardless of the playback system, while the 120 Ω impedance allows the HD 560S to be used with virtually any audio source.  The Sennheiser HD 560S will be available from 24 September for 169 GBP (MSRP).

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