KitSound launches the Diggit 55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, inviting you to “rise above other speakers”


KitSound has introduced an all-new addition to its popular Bluetooth speaker range, the Digit 55. It comes packed with the previously known innovative removable stake for sticking in the ground. However, this time, there are new features packed inside such as an Outdoor EQ Mode and new ‘Tap to Pair’ stereo pairing.

The removable stake equipped in Digit 55 allows you to rise above other speakers (literally). Just attach the stake to the bottom of the speaker and then stick the other end in the grass, sand, or even snow. The elevation provided by the stake allows the music to flow without being lost in the groud. 

Another unique feature of Digit 55 is the Outdoor EQ Mode which optimizes the audio for where you are. The best part is that it is extremely simple to turn on. Just hit the EQ button on the top of the speaker whenever you are listening to music on the outside and you will hear and feel the difference.

Digit 55 has been designed with double dual opposing drivers which prioritize quality sound by delivering crips notes and deep bass at all the right times. In order to pack a surprising punch, there are two active and two passive drivers installed in the Digit 55.  

The final feature that makes the Digit 55 the perfect audio companion for the outdoors apart from the Outdoor EQ Mode and the removable stake is the tough IP66 water and dust resistance that’s ready for any weather. Not just this but it also packs a massive battery that can let you on for 15 hours straight on a really long summer day.  

For those that fancy really cranking up the tunes, KitSound has also made it even easier to stereo pair two Diggit 55s. With their new “Tap to Pair” feature, all you have to do is touch the two speakers together at the right spot, and you will be instantly enjoying immersive surround sound. In order to ensure that the Digit 55 stands out in the night as well, the gorgeous LED downlight does the job pretty well.  

Pricing and Availability

The Diggit 55 is available to buy from eBay and RRP: £49.99 KitSound products are available at most high street and online retailers. 

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