Transparent introduces brand-new Matte Black to its line-up of Transparent Speakers

The Stockholm based modular electronics brand, Transparent has announced the launch of its all-new Matte Black Small and Transparent Speakers. The speakers come equipped with True Wireless functionality alongside a new finish that creates a unified family of speakers. The minimalist yet expressive aesthetic of the speakers complement the interior of any home or any style you may have chosen for the home.  


The Matte Black Small and Transparent speaker join the brand’s permanent collection. Speaking of the new finish, Per Brickstad, co-founder and chief designer said, “Following the success of the Small Transparent Speaker last year, we wanted to build on this while adhering to our brand’s mission of creating timeless and circular speakers. Matte black, an essential colour to any home, offers an understated yet expressive aesthetic which also encapsulated our ethos for simple yet functional design”

The minimalist design of the speaker has been enhanced by the use of the Matte Black finish that perfectly complements it. The body has been crafted out of a single aluminium un iframe which encases tempered glass panels and components making it a simple yet timeless design. Always paying attention to the details, the Transparent Speaker’s previously red cables have been updated to a uniformed black for knit neatly into any environment.

There have also been upgrades to the insides of the speakers. The Small Speaker now has a 2x15W output and the Transparent Speaker has a 140W output. To top it all, Transparent has also honed the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip to create studio-level quality production. The sound has been fine-tuned for a crystal clear depth that reflects the design and the ambition of the brand. The new collection also features True Wireless pairing, allowing customers to stream music through two speakers simultaneously.

Pricing and Availability

  • The Small Transparent Speaker retails at £450
  • The Transparent Speaker retails at £900
  • The collection is now available at

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