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Review: Jabra Sport Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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Having recently got the running bug, I am always on the lookout for good sports/running headsets. While a lot of really great wired products exist, you can’t beat wireless when it comes to running gear, specially since it takes away the risk of the tangly wire! Jabra make one such headset, the feature full Jabra Sport Stereo Bluetooth headset. Not only does it stream music from your phone, it also includes an FM radio built in, just in case you forgot your music or didn’t feel like carrying your phone.

Look and feel

The device features around the ear in-ear headphones to give you a good comfortable and reliable fit while you run. Made out of a soft textured rubber, it has a comfortable yet solid feel. The yellow cable feels solid too, and tugging etc on it doesn’t really give you the notion that it will break.

It features three sizes of ear-gels, but I found that the ones that it came with, the medium sized ones, worked perfectly for me and didn’t need any changing.

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On the right side is the Play/Pause button which also serves as an On/Off button. You also have volume keys, which serve as Skip/Previous keys too. Another button, labelled FM allows you to switch to FM radio instead.


I wear glasses, and recently thanks to the summer and the heat, I have also been wearing a hat. This tends to clash with the hat, but after a little bit of adjustment, it feels okay.

As far as putting it on goes, has a little knack, and if you run your finger around your ear after putting it in, it fits well.


Interestingly, the only two times I felt it come loose was when I was walking, but never while running.

I would say that the yellow connecting cable at the back could have been a bit longer, but it is okay.


The Jabra headsets in the last few years have had a voice over that tells you about the status of your device. This one does the same, and guides you through the process.

When you turn it on for the first time, it starts in Bluetooth pairing mode. Just look for it on your phone (or other device), and you’re good to go.

To disconnect, simply turn it off.

Music/Sound Quality

This isn’t the loudest, nor the bassiest device out there, contrary to what it says on the box. There is also very little noise isolation when this is in. Generally for me, this is a good thing, though others may beg to differ. I like to be able to know if somebody is coming behind me, around me, or if there is somebody trying to get my attention. The gentle rhythm of my feet running is also a good sound to keep me going.

As far as music quality goes, it is fairly decent, but do not expect to be blown away.

Voice calls

Voice calls work perfectly well, though not everybody would want to talk to a panting runner.

FM radio

The quirk in this set is the FM radio. It works well, though the lack of buttons means you have to use the volume key to find and scan the next radio station on the list. It takes a little while, and is a bit fiddly. If you do use this, I would suggest having it playing your tunes from your station of your choice before you start the run.


Another plus with this is the fact that this comes with an Arm Band. The Arm band is decent quality, though it only supports smaller phones. It just about fits the Galaxy S4, but do not try and bother with anything like the LG G4 or the Xperia Z3.

Battery Life

4 hours. Not great, not bad. A bit average. However, the micro USB port means you can charge this wherever you go.

More information

The Jabra Sport Stereo Bluetooth headset can be found at the following link via MobileFun.co.uk:


It retails for £49.99, down from £65.00.


A great device which may not be the best in everything, but is a good combination of many.

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