Harley Street clinics to offer new brain stimulation treatment for depression

Flow Neuroscience

Flow, a new headset and app from Swedish start-up Flow Neuroscience, aims to treat those 300 million people with brain stimulation instead of pharmaceuticals. Two friends, clinical psychologist Daniel Månsson and neuroscientist Erik Rehn, founded Flow Neuroscience in 2016 and it’s backed by Khosla Ventures and Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The idea for the start-up … Read more

AR Smart Glass manufacturers keeping up with the market

AR Smart Glass manufacturers

The Augmented Reality smart glass manufacturers are keeping up their game with continuous investments in the sector. They have been doing this to constantly improve their AR devices regardless of the intense competition of smartphones and the uncertainty in the consumer market in terms of smart glasses massive adoption. Due to the innovations of well-known … Read more

Samsung’s developers’ conference!

Samsung’s developers’ conference

Samsung on its developers’ conference has announced new ways through which developers can use its platform to bring forth more powerful and simpler experiences for consumers throughout the globe. Samsung shared with the world its vision for the upcoming era of the mobile and tech world. It has boosted the motivation of developers, enterprise leaders, … Read more

Turtle Beach jumps into the PC world with flagship headset

Turtle Beach

This is essentially Turtle Beach‘s flagship gaming headset for PC, with wireless connectivity, a metal headband, powerful desktop software and a price tag to match. That’s right, you’re looking at a price of $149 (£129, about AU$220) if you want to get your hands on the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero.his is essentially Turtle Beach’s … Read more

Smartphone for Seniors: Doro 8080

Doro 8080

Unique among senior phones, Doro’s newest model, the Doro 8080, offers premium specifications and a beautiful iPhone-like design aesthetic. It also comes with Android 9.0, the latest version of Google’s operating system. Doro also produces a semi-smart flip phone called the Doro 7060 which includes LTE-network connectivity, a 2.8-inch colour display, 3MP camera, and social … Read more

Virtual Reality, Tangible Benefits: VR Applications for Seniors

As virtual reality (VR) permeates the mainstream, an unlikely community is relishing in its myriad applications. Normally associated with gaming, Millennials and Gen Z, recent advancements in VR have allowed pioneering researchers and developers to assist and connect with older generations, especially those living in active senior communities, in their daily lives. In addition to … Read more

Diwali in Mithi is all you need to know about Jinnah’s Pakistan

Diwali is one of the happiest and most auspicious occasions for Hindus all over the world. This festival makes sure that its light ends all the darkness around it. People celebrating Diwali look forward to the five days of light and happiness all day long. Since it falls between mid-October and mid-November, it is either … Read more

A 3D scanner at your fingertips

Phiz 3D scanner

Phiz has announced their all-new 3D scanner which is used from a smartphone or a laptop. It is compatible with all the 3D printers running in the market currently. Simple scan anything you want and it can be directly sent to your 3D printer. It produces incredible and accurate results. Moreover, it gives you the … Read more

Going Pro again: Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

Apple has announced the all-new AirPods Pro featuring Active Noise Cancellation and a superior and immersive sound. The new AirPods come in a notable different form factor and have become lightweight with an in-ear design. Apple has long used “Pro” as a means of communicating that the gadget is supposed to include better technology—while selling … Read more