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The Ultimate Tea Machine everyone has been waiting for


BRÜ is a mission by the company to make the tea making process as simple as possible. This tea machine saves water as well as energy at your home or office. Moreover, this tea machine masters at consistently getting you the perfect cup of tea that you long for every day. It has come out after more than two years of testing and development. This has become the worlds first automated tea machine for loose leaf tea and tea bags. 

Insights into the machine

BRÜ lets you set brewing time, water temperature and the cup size on your free will. It gives the personalized tea making feeling only at the twist of a dial and push of a button. What’s great is that whatever settings you choose, the machine saves them! Consequently, you can quickly repeat the whole process without having to change the settings and waste any time. 


BRÜ+ features what’s called the Ring Outlet. This dispenses hot water evenly around the rim of the glass chamber, meaning it not only fills evenly but once the tea is dispensed, the walls are flushed to make sure every last drop of tea lands in your cup – leaving it fresh and clean, ready for your next perfect brew. This means less time spent cleaning your machine, and more time spent enjoying tea. The regular BRÜ has a standard outlet which has a flush function that keeps the brewing chamber’s bottom and its outlet clean after each cup.

The perfect cup

Everyone has a different taste and so their perfect cup differs. With BRÜ, you get there in no time. If you already know your perfect cup, you will be good to go from the beginning. However, if you don’t, then BRÜ lets you easily control the process to help you discover and perfect the best combination of tea strength, temperature and cup size. 

It is not that BRÜ knows what your perfect cup is. Rather, it can be regarded as the best tool to make the discovery and explore your perfect cup. And the good news is that once you have discovered it, you can make it every time. 

All kinds of tea

The world has seen hundreds and thousands of tea types throughout the globe. All the flavour combinations are available as loose-leaf tea or in tea bags. With BRÜ you can drink any type and kind of tea be it leaf tea or tea bag. This is made possible by the spoon and sieve included in the machine. Moreover, you don’t even have to get your hands on any expensive tea capsules or pods. All you need is the tea already sitting at home or explore new types and flavour combination with ease. 

Every single BRÜ machine is equipped with the company’s specially fitted stainless steel spoon for tea bags. Moreover, for the tea leaves, the machine comes with a superb micro-mesh sieve.  Anything you want regarding making a tea, BRÜ will do it for you. It is also pretty easy to clean and dispose of used tea so its ready for the next time of a perfect cup of tea. 

Repetition is no problem

With your settings dialled in, you can make the perfect cup of tea. every. single. time. That means the same quantity of water, the same brew strength and the same great flavour – with any type of tea. Remove the inconsistencies of making tea and just enjoy drinking it. You’ll never forget to take the tea bag out again.

Saving your time and energy

The world is going towards depleting energy resources and BRÜ takes that into account. It has, in a sense, waged war on both electric and stove-top kettles. The company discovered the high amounts of water and energy wasted in the process of making tea. Consequently, they have come up with a mechanism that with  BRÜ you only heat what you need. No more overfilling and repeated boiling of water you’re not going to use. Not only does this save time and money off your energy bill, but it also saves the planet. 

Easy to clean

BRÜ is also quite easy to clean. It has a removable glass brewing chamber which is made out of laboratory-quality borosilicate glass (just like Pyrex) and the attached outlet tube is made of food-grade silicone. Both of these materials are extremely dishwasher friendly. 

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