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Phiz 3D scanner

A 3D scanner at your fingertips

Phiz 3D scanner

Phiz has announced their all-new 3D scanner which is used from a smartphone or a laptop. It is compatible with all the 3D printers running in the market currently. Simple scan anything you want and it can be directly sent to your 3D printer. It produces incredible and accurate results. Moreover, it gives you the ability to reverse-engineer an existing design, or even improve the current design. 

With Phiz 3D printer, you can make your own “Toy Story”. 3D model assets are the fundamentals for 3D animation or 3D game development. Phiz has taken accuracy to a whole new level allowing you to make detailed 3D assets out of your physical collections. It is more than just a 3D scanner. With Phiz, you get a platform to share all the stunning 3D scans and creations you have made. KIRI Hub will be the home for sculptors, artists, and 3D technology enthusiasts. Imagine a place to find all the cool figurines for 3D printing, and the models are provided by real sculptors, artists, researchers, engineers who use Phiz to digitize their work.

Phiz does not stop here. It also has AR compatibility. This means that once you have created the 3D models, you can bring the digitalization to a whole new level by importing them into AR or VR. 


Phiz with all its great features is incredibly affordable. This affordability is achieved due to several reasons. Ot has the patent-pending technology that allows the critical components of a 3D scanning system to be fully independent of each other. Consequently, Phiz has support for smartphones irrespective of their sizes. This allows for high-resolution 3D scans with no additional cost. 

Moreover, the affordability is not just about the patent-pending independent design. Phiz 3D scanner is embedded with a machine learning algorithm running behind the curtain that constantly optimizes the 3D scans. Mathematically, it is a cross-validation algorithm called “data-driven regression”. But thankfully, you don’t need to understand any of those because Phiz is quietly doing everything for you. All you need to do is pressing the “scan” button.

Phiz is the first 3D scanner that combines the usage of both “laser-triangulation” and “photogrammetry” to perform photo-realistic high-precision 3D scans. Moreover, Phiz turntable increments precisely at 0.18 degrees per step thanks to a unique harmonic drive system.

Precise and Accurate 3D scanning at ur fingertips

There is no compromise on colour with the Phiz 3D scanner. In order to grasp the true colours, the Phiz Smart Lighting automatically adjusts its brightness and colour temperature with ambient light to capture true colour of the objects. Moreover, it has the potential to revolutionize the AR industry by creating endless 3D AR content from the real world. It also has lots of benefits in store for engineering needs. It can help figure out accurate dimensions of physical objects. Moreover, it has the ability to produce very quick 3D models for 3D printing. 

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