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Doro 8080

Smartphone for Seniors: Doro 8080

Doro 8080

Unique among senior phones, Doro’s newest model, the Doro 8080, offers premium specifications and a beautiful iPhone-like design aesthetic. It also comes with Android 9.0, the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Doro also produces a semi-smart flip phone called the Doro 7060 which includes LTE-network connectivity, a 2.8-inch colour display, 3MP camera, and social media features. But it otherwise does not offer smart features.

All the user needs to do is tap on the Search icon. The interface then switches from the Doro launcher into a simplified interface that can assist the user with various applications. Within the simplified launcher is a messaging, email, call log and media sub-sections that sport increased text and icon sizes for those with imperfect eyesight.

Like some of Doro’s other models, the 8080 also includes augmented audio frequencies, specifically designed to be heard by those with some forms of hearing impairment. Generally speaking, as we age, the higher frequencies tend to become less audible. Doro solves this issue by ramping up the higher frequencies.

“In 2020, a quarter of the European population will be 60 or older. With the number of mature consumers on the rise, new requirements will need to be met by telecom providers. Doro remains committed to creating products and services that enable more independent lives.”

Key Feature

A key feature of the Doro 8080 is its inclusion of the comprehensive service package, My Doro. This service allows loved ones and relatives to access a user’s phone remotely, from their own iOS or Android device. This feature provides added comfort for both the senior and relatives by giving the third party the ability to supply extra support to a user. This could be in the form of anything from changing the display’s font size to updating a user’s contact list.  

Build Quality

The bright 5.7-inch screen with 2:1 ratio offers the best compromise between size and portability. Its aluminium frame makes the smartphone light and robust, with premium stain protection, grippy back paint and special Dragontrail glass included for greater drop and scratch resistance. Developers and designers ensured buttons were clearly separated from one other for increased accessibility.

Doro 8080 features:

  • GPS-enabled Assistance button, giving the user peace of mind, wherever they may be
  • Loud and clear sound with a boost button function, instantly raising the volume by 20 per cent whilst preserving sound quality 
  • Easy-to-read display and text
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Easy-to-use, high-quality camera
  • Headphone jack with USB cable port

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