Are Gadgets Stealing Your Sleep?

Does your love of technology get in the way of good quality sleep? Whether they help you nod off for the night or they keep you awake and engaged, it seems that the average Brit does struggle to switch off from their gadgets. A recent survey of 1,012 UK adults carried out by the UK’s largest online laptop specialist, e-tailer showed that on average Brits spend 57 minutes on tech in bed before they fall asleep, sometimes staying up later than planned to continue using their gadgets.

Despite knowing that using gadgets before bed can disrupt our sleep quality, of those surveyed the device most commonly used while in bed was a smartphone with 68% of adults admitting to using them and a third of those questioned watch television before sleeping. It wasn’t restricted to phones and televisions though. 19% of people turn to their tablets before switching off for the night, 14% listen to music before bed and 8% play on games consoles.

It seems the worst age group for using technology in bed are the 18-24 year olds. More than half of them use their smartphones to set a morning alarm to wake them and 22% even use apps or other technology to monitor how much they are sleeping.

Laptops Direct’s marketing manager, Mark Kelly said, “Technology such as smartphone apps and fitness bands can also be used to measure the quality of sleep and help us nod off when we struggle to sleep. The advancements in technology and its increased accessibility mean that we are able to get a better insight into our sleeping habits once we have closed our eyes.”

With so many interesting ways to keep an eye on our sleeping habits as well as other ways to keep us entertained, it’s no wonder that we are having trouble switching off.




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