Kit up your gadgets with the best accessories

You may have an iPhone, a Windows Laptop or the latest Galaxy S8. There is no denying that no matter what device you have, it isn’t complete without a basic set of accessories. We have had a little look around and compiled a little list of things you may want to get for your gadget of choice.

Get the little stuff in

Sometimes what is most important is to have the little things. A stylus you like. A cable you need. A case that represents you or really gives you the kind of protection you need. You can shop for mobile accessories all over the internet. However, what is important is to get some basics in before you go and spend the big money.

Get ready for USB C

Apple may have resisted putting a USB C port on the iPhone, but their Macbook and Macbook Pro series have ditched all other ports in favour of the one port to rule them all, USB C. For good reason too. The port can not only support high-speed rates, it is robust enough to work for higher voltages to charge laptops and be used to connect to your 4K monitor. That is one versatile connector!

A whole range of companies are working on USB C cables. Belkin’s range offers you everything from HDMI connectivity to simple cables such as USB C to Micro USB cables, to ensure you can still plug in your Android.

Protect your USB C cable

One of the things most Apple fans have missed and criticised in the new Macbook and Macbook Pro is the lack of a Magsafe cable. Griffin have the solution already for you though. Their BreakSafe Magnetic USB C cable works exactly like Apple’s Magsafe did. It plugs into USB C port too, so no need for any adapters or such like. All simple, all useful, all easy.

Protect your device

Mobile phones and laptops have to deal with pretty much all the physical trauma we have to go through during our daily lives. Be it a commute or a flight, or an accidental drop, our devices need protection just like we need moisturiser and a waterproof/warm layer. UAG have been providing military grade protection for phones and laptops for quite a few years. We had a play with their MBP case, and found it to be rather cool. It not only fits well over the device, but also adds very little bulk to the whole thing. The result? You have all the protection at none of the extra cost.

Never lose your device

Be it a laptop, a camera, headphones, or even your bike. We live in a highly advanced world, full of all kinds of technology. We see all kinds of tracking being shown in films. Why then, can’t we get the same stuff for ourselves? If James Bond could do it 20 years ago, why not us? With the Tile-Mate, you can. The device has the ability to find anything within range using Bluetooth, and can be used to locate your phone as well. The best part? It can even find items when it is out of your phone’s range, thanks to its community driven tracking programme. Sadly, the range isn’t that great in Oxford, but is top notch in busier areas like London and Birmingham.


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  1. Great Article!

    Cases are a great accessory that not only protect your shiny device but also allow you to express your personality. There are so many stylish cases and covers on the market that offer fantastic protection and elegant looks.

    The tile-mate looks like a fantastic bit of kit for someone like me who is always misplacing something! Hopefully the community tracking programme will keep improving as the device becomes more popular.


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