Review: VanMoof smartbike

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to go outside and bike. The Netherlands is a country proud of its bike culture, having more bikes than people and more than 35,000 km of bicycle paths. But this also has its downsides, with more than 311 bikes a day reported stolen and … Read more

Silicon Replacement with Atomic Sandblasters

We all know the place of silicon chips among all electronics today. They have become indispensable as all electronic products have come to make use of these computer chips. While they have become so attached and important to our equipment, they have some demerits. This is why research is a continuous thing; to find a … Read more

Bag yourself a deal with Gearbest

Gearbest, the electronics provider, is running a week long September promotion in anticipation of Autumn/Fall. Deals include many items that have up to 70% off, and some items are even for just $0.01! Not only can you get yourself phones or tablets, but there is also an incredible range of items such as mini computers, … Read more

Detection Of Atomic Scale Magnetism Using New Electron Microscope Method

Researchers have found a new technique (electron microscope) that can be used at atomic level in detecting magnetic behaviour. These researchers are from Uppsala University in Sweden precisely from the Department of Energy. Through a counter-intuitive method, they were able to take advantage of the distortions of optics, which they could have naturally gotten rid … Read more

Wearable Wireless Toxic Gas Detector 

Here is good news for all new development lovers. An inexpensive chemical sensors produce from manoeuvred chemical carbon nanotubes, which allows both smartphones and other categories of wireless appliances to detect some degree of gases (toxic ones), have been developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researchers.  These researchers by using these sensors believe to … Read more

Latest trends in gaming 

The rate of innovation in gaming technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Grosvenor‘s redesigned online Live Casino allows users to interact with other players and a dedicated host or hostess in a virtual casino. Grosvenor has asked us to identify any other upcoming future trends in the gaming industry. Following is a list of … Read more