Latest trends in gaming 

The rate of innovation in gaming technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Grosvenor‘s redesigned online Live Casino allows users to interact with other players and a dedicated host or hostess in a virtual casino. Grosvenor has asked us to identify any other upcoming future trends in the gaming industry. Following is a list of some latest tech trends we have observed.

Virtual Reality

Occulus Rift

One of the most exciting change coming to gaming is that of virtual reality. While virtual reality has been around for years, 2016 is the year where it finally comes with the right hardware to the masses. While the devices are still huge, heavy and require a lot of computing power, the user interface and the experience is gaining massive momentum and exciting everyone.

Products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have already caused a lot of waves. More so, latest announcements by the likes of Intel and Qualcomm mean that even more companies are investing big bucks into virtual reality. This can only mean one thing. The experience is about to get a lot better, a lot cheaper, and a lot more exciting for the gamer.

Augmented Reality


Much like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality has been around for a while. In fact, smartphones have been using augmented reality in games for a little while now. The latest success of the Pokémon Go game has proven that the industry is still ripe with excitement for the right game and the right content.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end at apps. With the latest technologies such as Microsoft Hololens just a few months away, gaming will only get better.

A combination of VR and AR could make quite an interesting new trend in games as well.

Eye tracking


When it comes to gaming, eye tracking is one of the latest user input innovations. By tracking how your eye moves and where it looks, the game can automatically change the scene. This means that the gaming experience will be even more life like.

This technology is being implemented in gaming headsets, and in a world first, Acer recently announced the Predator X21, a laptop that not only features a world first by putting a curved screen on a laptop, but also incorporating eye tracking right into the laptop. This means an enhanced experience for the gamer on top of all the amazing hardware packed in.

Cloud Gaming

Online gaming is not a new concept. In fact, playing against other gamers over the internet has existed for many decades. Neither is the concept of cloud gaming, which means that you play a game on a server while your PC acts as a front interface. However, until recently, cloud gaming has just been very simple and light games. The latest trend in gaming is making the shift to take the games away from the user’s hardware and put it on to a gaming server. The end result is that you can play the game and get the same experience no matter what hardware you use. You may even play and get the same experience between different devices, be it your computer, your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone.


Sony is already offering cloud gaming in the form of PS Now.

Modular computers

Asus Modular PC

Modular gaming PCs have had quite a few goes at making waves but have repeatedly failed to do so. However, latest efforts such as those from Asus and Acer are trying to help them make a comeback. A modular PC is based on the idea that you can swap parts in and out easily, ideally with little or no effort. Project Avalon from Asus bases their hardware on a design that involves no cables. Just simple plugging in and out of modules, be it processing power or IO.

This means that as new devices or new bits or hardware get released, you can just put them in your device rather than having to worry about a more costly upgrade.

The whole premise of the technology relies heavily on how different manufacturers work together. Some may argue that desktop PCs already allow for easy upgrade of components. It will be great to see computer manufacturers work together and make modular PCs a reality.


What trend are you most excited about? What technology will you be betting on? Let us know in the comments section below.


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