Ergonomic Program Management

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder, WMSD, is the term for that neck strain workers go home with after a marathon session at a computer screen, the back pain from moving boxes on a conveyor all day or sore wrists after eight hours of fast and accurate data entry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that millions of … Read more

Review: Edifier M3200 – 2.1 Multimedia Audio Speaker System

  What is it? The Edifier M3200 is a Multimedia speaker system featuring two satellite speakers and a central subwoofer system. Targeted mainly at the PC speakers market, this one brings out an impressive amount of detail and sound, while giving you good looks as well as functionality. Functionality 2.1 Speaker System Central Sub-Woofer Satellite … Read more

R Watch – a function filled smartwatch

Don’t let the graphics fool you. It looks Androidish, but it isn’t running on Android. The RWatch, retailing from at the following link, is an interesting specimen giving you a lot of functionality in a tiny little space, with a fairly reasonable sub £40 price: Set up The app, I guess, only runs … Read more

Review: Sphero Ollie – The adrenaline junkie’s robot!

  What is it? We have spoken about this before. We reviewed the Sphero, and the Sphero 2. We talked about these little ‘app controlled’ balls, that fill your living room with action, joy, and embed themselves into many games. Sphero is back with another product, and this time, it isn’t a ball. It is … Read more