Review: Edifier M3200 – 2.1 Multimedia Audio Speaker System

Edifier M3200


What is it?

The Edifier M3200 is a Multimedia speaker system featuring two satellite speakers and a central subwoofer system. Targeted mainly at the PC speakers market, this one brings out an impressive amount of detail and sound, while giving you good looks as well as functionality.


  • 2.1 Speaker System
  • Central Sub-Woofer
  • Satellite speakers
  • Wired Controller to adjust volume, as well as provide line in and headphone out connections. Light halo around it as power indicator.
  • Bass Adjustment
  • Power Control
  • AC Powered

Look and feel

You don’t normally get many 2.1 Speaker systems that you’d connect to a PC. Even when they do, the subwoofer is normally hidden away, and the speakers look boxy. The Edifier M3200 tries to be different by giving you satellite speakers that actually look beautiful, and something you’d be happy to have on the side of your PC.

The Subwoofer, which also serves as the master controller, is still a bit boxy, and big. Probably something that will either be hidden under the table, or behind your computer. The back of the subwoofer features inputs, as well as control for bass and power.

The remote master volume controller is a great touch, meaning you can adjust volume, or even plug in a headphone or line in. A halo around the volume adjustment knob glows to tell you it is on, and a long cable means you can have it wherever you find it suitable.

The general feel of the whole thing is premium, which is always good.

Since this isn’t designed to be portable, I wouldn’t talk much about the weight, but it isn’t too heavy when you do have to move it.

Ease of use

As simple as it gets really. The User Manual consists of about 5 pages in each language, and gives you a basic low down on how to get it connected. The subwoofer is the main controller, and everything else gets connected to this.

All the cables required are provided.

Once you have it all connected, all you need to do is turn the music on at the source, and you’re good to go. Adjust the bass to what you like, and then all you need to worry about is volume.

As explained above, the remote controller can also serve to plug in a headphone, or an external line in.

Sound Quality

I wasn’t expecting much from this to be honest. Most speakers aimed at the speaker market are good and decent, but don’t blow your mind. This one doesn’t either, but the detail on offer is quite good. Probably the only thing that doesn’t blow you away is the subwoofer, which doesn’t have that ‘ground shaking’ quality to it, but otherwise, I am very impressed with the sound I got out of it. I tried both classical music, as well as some Florence + The Machine, and both gave me impressive sound.

More information

More information about this can be found on the Edifier website.

It can be found at various online retailers, and retails around the £60 mark.


If you like watching movies and listening to ‘proper music’ while working at your PC, these are definitely the speakers to go for. Good sound quality, decent price, and good looks.

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