R Watch – a function filled smartwatch

gear best r

Don’t let the graphics fool you. It looks Androidish, but it isn’t running on Android. The RWatch, retailing from GearBest.com at the following link, is an interesting specimen giving you a lot of functionality in a tiny little space, with a fairly reasonable sub £40 price:


Set up

The app, I guess, only runs on Android. I haven’t tried looking for it on the Apple system, but since it comes as an APK download, I don’t think you have a choice. You don’t really get it as a download on the Play Store either. In fact, the following graphic helps you a little:

rwatch download

Yes, you need to go to the above URL from your phone, and download the app. Sounds dodgy, but it worked.


Unlike Pebble, which has a strict control on notifications, this coloured, touch screen enabled smart watch is happy to send you any and every notification that comes to your phone. It gets annoying pretty quickly, but you have a choice on which ones to ban, and which ones to show. Easy to choose really, once you find out how.

Look and feel 

It looks very similar to the smart watch design we have now become familiar too. However, despite looking like one of the Android Wear watches, this isn’t. It runs its own software, and the screen doesn’t offer the same resolution as rest of the gang. Having said that, at this price, it is pretty good.

Control and feel

Well, you get what you pay for. The controls can be a bit fiddly, and a bit annoying at times, but once again, for the price, it definitely reaches above par. The screen doesn’t blow you away, but overall it is pretty good.


Despite the above message of it being a bit cheap and fiddly, it packs in an impressive amount of functionality:

  • Speakerphone and mic means you can use this to make and receive calls
  • Dial calls using the touch screen dialler
  • View contacts from your phone on the screen
  • Remote camera shutter operation
  • Notify if far from phone
  • Thermometer, Altimeter, Pedometer, stopwatch, music player
  • Battery Life: 180 hours
  • Micro USB chargeable
  • Waterproof (haven’t tested this feature)
  • Available in a choice of colours


Well, when it comes to cheap and cheerful, this one definitely fits the bill.

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