Manscaping… are you doing it?

Manscapes: Male Body Hair Art Trend Leads to Celebrity Stylist C

So I was sent this story by Braun, and it really got me thinking. Apparently, about 62% of men ‘manscape’ their body hair. Now, manscaping is not what the images above show, though this is probably what I found the most interesting. Manscaping is the simple act of grooming your body hair, other than that on your face. This could include anything from armpits to chest hair to you know where. A quick look on Twitter has shown that a number of men aren’t strangers to waxing either.

While some say it makes them feel ‘cleaner’, others think it makes them feel more attractive to the opposite sex.

Braun’s style director, Fabio Vivan had the following tips for men:

  1. If you want to maintain a well manscaped body, up-keep is important. Get into the habit of trimming body hair every 7-10 days
  2. Grooming sensitive areas can be tricky and you have to be patient. When taming hair around armpits, shoulder blades and the groin area, start by using a body trimmer on a high setting. Continue with a lower setting until you’re happy with the result.  A product like the Braun cruZer6 body is perfect as it features three trimming combs (0.6mm, 3mm & 8mm) that allow you to choose your preferred  length of body hair
  3. Completely removing hair on your body, particularly the chest area can have many benefits; making the abs, six-pack and stomach appear more defined. To achieve hairlessness on any part of your body, start by using a trimmer and finish using a razor with shaving foam. Pull skin tight and use short strokes working with and not against the direction of the hair. Gently wash off any shaving foam and moisturise to minimise skin irritation
  4. The best time to body groom is in the shower or bath. The warm water opens up pores and wet hair is easier to manage
  5. It’s important to keep any facial hair just as groomed and styled as the hair on your body. The Braun cruZer face features a trimmer with a narrow side that precisely defines lines and edges and shapes tight curves while the wide side (28mm) evenly cuts and trims large areas. Position the tool at a 90 degree angle. It’ll give you complete control and allow you to work closer to the skin
  6. After-care is important in maintaining healthy skin and minimising any skin irritation. Keep skin hydrated post-grooming with aloe vera based skincare and avoid the use of alcohol-based aftershaves as these can change the PH balance in your skin

So, are you doing it, and if so, does it really make you attractive to the opposite sex?

We have reviewed the cruZer6 range, and found it to be quite good:

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