Review: Samsung SmartCam – SNH-1011N

  What is it? The Internet of Things is coming, and the internet operated cameras are becoming all too common. The Samsung SmartCam is Samsung’s offering to this market, and this camera features Wifi Connectivity, apps on both Android and Apple devices, a built in microphone and speaker to have two way conversations (kind of … Read more

LED Technology in Our Streets to Save Cities Billions

  Some of the biggest cities around the world are currently in the process of replacing their streetlights with LED bulbs in a bid to save billions of dollars. Mumbai, New York, Los Angeles and London are amongst the cities dedicated to implementing the LED technology thanks to the improved energy efficiency that it provides. … Read more

Smoke Trek: The Next Generation

  The first wave of electronic cigarettes that hit the UK and US markets were largely crude devices which mimicked the appearance of traditional tobacco cigarettes and produced a mostly unfulfilling sensation. However, a potential was spotted by engineers and tech heads around the World who knew that a little fine tuning could help this … Read more

Smoking for the Gadget Loving Generation

Gadget fans love things that they can tinker and toy with, modify and customise to their own personal tastes. Whether that be programming all the lights in their home to be controlled by an iPhone app or a toaster with a built in egg fryer – anything that makes a little bit easier or more … Read more

Review: Photobox Personalized iPad Keyboard Case

  What is it? An iPad Keyboard case with a twist, allowing you to personalize it with your own images, photos, or just text. Featuring a Bluetooth paired Keyboard, a magnetic clip on case, and featuring an ultra-thin aluminium shell. The process This review contains two phases. The process of creating this personalized case, and … Read more

in1: The Swiss Knife of iPhone cases!

  While we don’t often feature cases, this one definitely deserved a special mention. The In1 Case is probably based on the idea of a Swiss Knife, and it manages to squeeze a lot of very important tools right into your phone’s case. The tools included are the following: 2 Precision ScrewDrivers 2 Ball point … Read more