Smoking for the Gadget Loving Generation

Smoking for the Gadget Loving Generation

Gadget fans love things that they can tinker and toy with, modify and customise to their own personal tastes. Whether that be programming all the lights in their home to be controlled by an iPhone app or a toaster with a built in egg fryer – anything that makes a little bit easier or more fun is greatly appreciated by those with creative minds.

Now, one of the world’s longest-standing pastimes, smoking, is finally being granted the chance to be hacked, optimised and modified. Until recently, cigarette creativity was stunted to using coloured papers and trying to desperately to blow smoke rings. The rise of the electronic cigarette has given smokers an alternative to traditional cigarettes with many benefits – the latest being the endless modification possibilities.

Eschewing the market-stall run-of-the-mill electronic cigarettes available that just look like plastic cigs; second and third generation brands are offering devices that are unique and unusual in design. Electronic cigarettes which look more like items such as tape recorders or miniature Warhammers are now available.

The MVP II from respected electronic cigarette brand TECC is one such example. With a rectangular body and LED screen, the device looks more like an MP3 player than a cigarette. Emanating from the rectangular body is a tank where the e liquid that contains the nicotine and flavourings lives. This can be modified by gadget fans and tech heads to their heart’s content.

A spokesperson from Joyetech revealed: “We are trying to take vaping (the electronic cigarette equivalent of smoking) to a more personal level. We want people to be able to use devices that reflect their personality and their style. This makes the opportunity to modify electronic cigarettes a huge boon.”

Despite the relative infancy of the electronic cigarette industry, it already has millions of converts and passionate individuals who want to push the borders furthers. Some electronic cigarette stores employ ‘vapologists’ – electronic cigarette experts who are constantly tinkering with their devices and liquids to create new and enjoyable experiences for themselves and other electronic cigarette users.

Specialist e liquid brands even allow customers to purchase the ingredients to make the liquids to their own taste. With flavours as varied as Red Bull and bacon, they are only limited by the imagination of the individuals crafting them.

It seems as though playing with and modifying electronic cigarettes is almost as much fun as using them.

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