Smoke Trek: The Next Generation

Smoke Trek the Next Generation


The first wave of electronic cigarettes that hit the UK and US markets were largely crude devices which mimicked the appearance of traditional tobacco cigarettes and produced a mostly unfulfilling sensation. However, a potential was spotted by engineers and tech heads around the World who knew that a little fine tuning could help this blossoming market surpass the all-conquering tobacco industry.

Eschewing the appearance of their limited tobacco brethren, electronic cigarettes are now available in almost any shape and size and are subjected to all matter of tinkering, modification and add-ons. Even the most casual vaper (the electronic cigarette equivalent of smoker) can pimp their e cig with a new drip tip or tank, adding a touch of colour or glamour to their device.

But going further into the underbelly of electronic cigarettes is a subsection of enthusiasts who, like a 17 year old boy who has just bought his first car, open up their e cig and fiddle about for more power and more thrills.

At the forefront of this movement is UK based brand Totally Wicked who strive to indulge their customers’ unerring desire to constantly improve and upgrade their e cigarettes. Stocking a seemingly endless list of accessories and higher powered batteries, Totally Wicked seem determined to propel the entire industry forward.

One of the most ground-breaking electronic cigarettes to enter the market in recent months is the Bluetooth-fitted Smokio which transmits key information to the user’s smartphone. The user can then alter the amount of vapor that the e cig produces and monitor how much they are using the device. This is ideal for those who are using electronic cigarettes as means to wean themselves off of nicotine.

A Totally Wicked spokesperson enthused about the developing community-led movement: “Nobody knows what our customers want better than our customers, so we are just thrilled to be able to provide the means for them to produce their perfect electronic cigarette.”

One such advocate for e cig modding is Tristan Ambat, who is a professional ‘vapologist’ and tinkers with his devices to give himself a little more heat. Ambat opens up his e cig and removes the existing coils and replaces them with wire, reducing the resistance level in the device. Doing this creates more heat for the inhale and a bigger cloud of vapour for the exhale.

As smoking continues to be considered more and more of an antisocial act, electronic cigarettes are proving to be a useful option for those who enjoy nicotine and socializing.


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