Review: Photobox Personalized iPad Keyboard Case

Photobox iPad Keyboard


What is it?

An iPad Keyboard case with a twist, allowing you to personalize it with your own images, photos, or just text. Featuring a Bluetooth paired Keyboard, a magnetic clip on case, and featuring an ultra-thin aluminium shell.

The process

This review contains two phases. The process of creating this personalized case, and the review of the actual product itself.

So, as far as the process goes, following are our comments on the process:

  • When you start the process, the website takes you to a flash based editor, where you can edit your cover.
  • You can edit this in portrait mode only.
  • You can upload images, and it will indicate if an image is too low on resolution.
  • Text can also be added, though it cannot be rotated. For example, we wanted some landscape text on our cover, but it was not available as an option. Text editor offers a few basic functions, such as changing colour and some fonts and size.
  • Images, however, can be rotated.
  • You can adjust layouts and background colour, but once again a few basic colours are offered.
  • You can add as many (we tried quite a few) text boxes or images as you like.
  • Once set up, and happy, you go ahead and order the device.
  • You can choose between UK Layout (QWERTY), France (AZERTY) or German (QWERTZ).


So the first thing we noticed when the device arrived (it looked pretty and all, but we’ll get to that!) was that the layout was a US standard rather than the UK standard, i.e. numbers 3 and 4 do not show us the £ and the € signs. The website does not give you a US option, which means that this is the only option available in QWERTY, but it was a bit disappointing to see that this is what we got.

Look and feel

Now that we have got that out of the way, let us come to what was actually delivered. The case is beautiful, and it looks exactly as we expected, if not better. We created the following image, and it has appeared in perfect quality on the beautiful Aluminium case. On one side is a magnetic clip which attaches to your iPad. The top features the keys, which is a proper Mac styled keyboard, including your Mac Command key and Functional keys for extra features. Also included is a stand, which is extremely robust and well built. There are buttons as well as LEDs for power and connection.

The whole product feels really well designed, and well finished, and this makes it the perfect accomplice to your iPad.

OxGadgets Photobox Keyboard


As of now, this product is only available for iPads 2,3 and 4, and not the iPad Air.


As mentioned above, this makes a beautiful case for your iPad, and being made of scratch proof Aluminium, it provides the screen with good protection. Pads make sure your screen does not touch the keys, and a magnetic clip along one of the edges means it clips on beautifully, much like the original Apple cases. However, one thing which may or may not be an issue is that the case does stay closed magnetically.


And now, the star of the show. I can happily report that the keyboard itself is a great quality one, with buttons that have a great tactile feel to them. It has been used to type long emails as well as posts, and it works great.

Not only does it offer all your usual keys (apart from the ones we mentioned above), it features arrow keys, Pg up and Pg Dn, Command/Mac, Option/ALT, Control. Among specialist keys are Home Key, Brightness adjust, Search button, Volume Adjust, Lock Key, and many others. These keys obviously prove to be quite useful for various functions when using your iPad.

However, it also means that this keyboard can be used with other products, such as Android as well Macs and PCs.

The only thing I’d say is that I often found I had to press the Space key a little harder than I am used to. This is probably because I am used to some speedy touch typing keyboards, where a light press does the job. Nothing that gets in the way though.

More information

For more information, and to create your own personalized case, visit:

While the going price is £64.99, it is (at the time of publishing) going for £54.99!


I am a big fan of keyboards, and a big part of keeping OxGadgets running includes them. So I can happily say that this is one of the best keyboards I have tried for an iPad, and can definitely recommend it. The price may seem a bit expensive, but you’re getting what you’re paying for!

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